• Scott Evans is “Captain America: The First Avenger” actor’s, Chris Evans, brother
  • Scott is younger than Chris
  • Scott, just like his brother, is also a Hollywood actor
  • Interesting facts about the younger Evans were revealed by Chris and Scott himself

Step aside, "Thor" actor's brother. It's time for people to meet “Captain America: The First Avenger” star's brother, Scott Evans.

Chris Evans’ brother, just like Chris Hemsworth’s younger sib, Liam, is rising toward the pinnacle of success. Here are the must-know things about Scott.

Born on Sept. 21, 1983, in Sudbury Massachusetts, the 36-year-old actor has two other siblings —Shanna and Carly. Their parents are G. Robert Evans III, a dentist, and Lisa Evans, dancer and Concord Youth Theater artistic director. Scott studied theater at the New York University, Gossip Gist reported.

Chris, during his and Scott’s appearance at “ The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ” in November 2019, revealed that if his brother was not an actor, he would’ve taken a police job. The “Avengers: Endgame” actor said that Scott loved detective shows, crime and solving mysteries. True enough, Scott confirmed his fascination with murder and desire to work as a homicide detective if he wasn’t in the entertainment industry. It’s ironic looking back to more than a decade prior when his acting career reportedly began as he took on the role Oliver Fish, a police officer on “One Life To Live” in 2008.

In the same interview, Scott shared with Fallon that he got four stitches on his head because Chris pushed him into a coffee table when he was around 8 or 9 years old. Despite what happened, he covered for Chris and told their parents that he fell.

Scott reportedly had bowel problems when he was a kid. Both him and Chris shared the same experience —Scott wetting his pants— under different circumstances —one was when they went skiing and he had to poop three times; the other one was when they were driving home from a rehearsal and he asked her sister to pull over because he needed to poop and when she didn’t, Scott wet his pants inside the car.

Chris’s brother also made an appearance in the “Betrayed” episode of “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” as Woody Sage and “The Cure” episode of “Fringe” in 2008.

Scott took on the role of Adam, in Michael Doyle’s “Almost Love,” which was reportedly released in the United States on April 3.

Meanwhile, Scott is unmarried. He reportedly came out to his brother and family about his sexuality when he was 19. He used to date Zach Volin but after more than a year of being together, Scott revealed that they already broke up, New Now Next reported.

Scott reportedly claimed that it was not a bad break-up as nobody cheated and nobody hated one another.