Paramount Pictures dropped a special video Monday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1996 movie "Scream."

Courteney Cox, who played Gale in the movie, is all set to revive her character in a new installment, which will release with the same name on Jan. 14 next year.

Cox said the upcoming movie is going to be similar to the first one but will be scarier.

The video shared by Paramount Pictures on YouTube was dedicated to director Wes Craven, who died in 2015. It shows Cox on the sets of 1996's "Scream" with the director.

"Wes Craven, you always think of him as the king of horror," Cox noted. "He is an incredible director, but he's also an incredible human."

David Arquette, who played Dewey Riley, said he will cry if he starts talking about the late director, implying that they had an emotional bond. Neve Campbell, who played Sidney, noted that the late director was like a father "in a lot of ways to all of us."

In the video, the cast members also reflected on working with the director and their experience working in the new installment.

Screenwriter Kevin Williamson noted the new movie would be dedicated to the late director.

"I was hoping that they were going to dedicate the film to Wes and they did," he added.

The cast members also spoke with ET on Monday regarding the upcoming movie.

"Scream will always be a classic," Cox noted. "I want [the fans] to know they're going to experience a movie that's very similar to the first one. It's scarier, probably, than it was 25 years ago. So it's up to date in a different way."

Arquette said it feels amazing to play the same character for 25 years.

The upcoming installment revolves around a new killer who wears the same Ghostface mask, which was shown 25 years ago, to kill teenagers. However, the old victims come forward to save those teenagers.

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