Move over, Grace (Skyler Samuels) … and hand over that newsboy cap -- because it’s officially our turn to play detective! After the Red Devil killer was unmasked in the Season 1 finale of “Scream Queens,” we couldn’t help but kick ourselves for not suspecting creepy ol’ Hester (Lea Michele) as the knife-wielding villain. (Seriously, our money was on Grace!)

But now looking back on the freshman installment of the Fox dramedy, it seems quite obvious that Neck Brace was the only one truly fitting of being the murderer. Check out the clues that proved she was one of the babies in the bathtub below:

1. The Opening Credits

A lot of startling things occurred throughout the super-sized title sequence of “Scream Queens.” But the most curious moment of the shriek-filled video was when Hester and the Red Devil suspiciously gave each other a thumbs up. #Cahoots!

2. Kappa’s New Rule

In the pilot episode of “Scream Queens,” it was Nasim Pedrad’s character Gigi who suggested to Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) that instead of shutting Kappa Kappa Tau down, they force the sorority to accept anyone who pledged.

So why would she propose this idea? Well, now it makes sense that she wanted Kappa to accept Hester -- the "weirdo" she was working with -- so that they could have an inside woman and finally take down the sorority once and for all.

*Gigi also encouraged the pledges to move into Kappa house so they could all keep and eye on one another in addition to hiring Denise Hemphill (Niecy Nash) -- the world’s worst security guard -- to “protect” them.

3. Hester’s Love Of Gore

Hester revealed she knew an absurd amount about death and the disposal of dead bodies in the first episode, which should have been a major red flag. Instead, we brushed it off, thinking it was too obvious. But Ryan Murphy, co-creator of the dark comedy, told Variety during an interview that he wasn’t trying to fool anyone in regards to who the murderer was. In fact, he revealed that he made it quite evident who the Red Devil was in the premiere episode.

“In the pilot, it’s very clear to me who is the killer. When the killer’s unmasked at the end, you’ll be able to go and be like, ‘Oh, yeah’ and link all that stuff together,” he said.

4. Hester Admitted She Was A Double Agent

In “Pumpkin Patch,” Chanel No. 6 blatantly told Chanel No. 5 that she was the killer.

“I’m going to let you in on a little secret,” Hester began. “I’m what you call a switch hitter.”

5. Thanksgiving Plans

During the Thanksgiving-themed episode, Gigi tells Boone’s (Nick Jonas) mysterious sister (who was sporting a Red Devil suit at the time) that she appreciated her spending Turkey day with her despite “having plans.” This makes sense as to why Hester showed up late to Chad's (Glen Powell) family dinner because she spent the first part of the holiday celebrating -- and killing -- Gigi.

6. Boone Look-a-like

When it was revealed Boone had a sister, it only made sense that Hester, who was one of the two brunettes of the bunch, was biologically related to him.

7. The Fact That No One Suspected Her

During the worst Thanksgiving dinner ever, everyone went around the table revealing who they thought was the Red Devil killer -- you know, instead of saying what they were thankful for. But despite all those accussed, no one questioned Hester’s potential involvement.

During the finale episode, Hester revealed the lack of suspicion was due to her overly bearing weird ways that helped her fly under the radar.

“The more weird and gross you are, the less people want to know about you,” Hester said, explaining why she stole a neck brace from a fellow patient at the insane asylum.

Were you surprised that Hester was the “Scream Queens” killer? Sound off in the comments section below.