Scream Season 2, episode 5
Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) comes face to face with the Brandon James killer in episode 5 of “Scream” Season 2. MTV

Lock your doors, Lakewood residents! The new Brandon James killer is on the loose and ready to start adding to the body count.

Last week’s episode of “Scream” ended on a grim note as Jake’s (Tom Maden) decomposing body fell right in front of Brooke (Carlson Young). Episode 5 of the MTV series picks up with Sheriff Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar) putting the school on lockdown, refusing to let parents pick up their kids until after he completes his investigation.

All the kids at George Washington High School are in full panic mode, but the only thing that Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) can think about is getting to Brooke. They know their friend needs them, and fortunately Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith) is willing to break the rules to give Brooke a little support. However, Emma doesn’t stay with her friend for long. An officer pulls her aside for questioning. Sheriff Acosta is already grilling Noah (John Karna) about the victim, and he confesses to befriending Jake only recently. But Noah has theories about who the killer is. He tells the sheriff that now that Emma’s back in town, Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) accomplice has returned to finish the job.

While the police begin investigating, Brooke opens up to Audrey. She tells her friend that her ex was only texting her yesterday. That surprises Audrey, who has known about Jake’s death for days. She reads over Brooke’s and Jake’s text messages, sending the impersonator a threatening new message: “You’re going straight to hell.”

Audrey’s text goes to Jake’s phone, but it’s Emma who sees it. Jake’s phone somehow got placed in her backpack. Emma informs Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) and the others about the phone before revealing that she’s going to take it to the police. Audrey has other plans, though. She encourages Emma to keep the phone a secret because they’re all in a “life or death” situation.

The phone isn’t their only issue. Haley (Mary Katherine Duhon), the teen who pranked Audrey at the beginning of Season 2, gets called to talk to the sheriff. On her way to the office she discovers that the police are searching lockers. Word spreads quickly, and Kieran reveals to the others that he needs to get something out of his lockers before the police find it. The entire gang jumps into action. Zoe ( Kiana Ledé ) and Audrey create a distraction while Noah serves as Kieran’s lookout. Unfortunately, their plan fails. Kieran gets caught with his backpack, and an officer finds a gun in it.

Kieran Scream Season 2, episode 5
Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) brings a gun to school in episode 5 of “Scream” Season 2. MTV

Kieran tells Sheriff Acosta that the gun belonged to his dad and that he had it to protect himself and his friends. Acosta surprisingly understands, even agreeing to let the whole “gun in a school” thing slide. But he’s not doing it to be kind. He tells Kieran that he wants “an in.”

At the risk of being arrested, put on probation and kicked out of school, Kieran agrees to be Acosta’s eyes and ears. He tells the sheriff about Jake’s phone turning up in Emma’s bag.

Emma is about to hand Eli (Sean Grandillo) the phone to dispose of when Kieran walks back into the room with the police officers. Eli gets worked up when he discovers that his cousin ratted Emma out, but Emma can take care of herself.

The teen sits down with Acosta and explains her side of things. Just like Kieran, he decides to let her go. His deputy is confused, but all Acosta can say is that the killer is not finished.

As Emma returns to her fellow classmates, Brooke’s father finally arrives at the school. Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt) is determined to see his daughter, but the sheriff wants to talk to him first.

“I found Jake Fitzgerald, like you asked,” he says.

The mayor doesn’t find him funny, but the good news is that he’s not being considered a suspect. Acosta tells Maddox that it’s not his style to dump a body in front of his daughter. Now, hiding a body in the freezer, on the other hand ...

Acosta allows Maddox to see his daughter, but first he has to ask her some questions. He grills Brooke on the last time she saw Jake, which was that Sunday. The two had sneaked into the school to have sex in the pool. Brooke admits all of this in front of her father, including the fact that they had a huge fight over him. The teen explains to the sheriff that Jake wanted to go public with their relationship, but that she chose her father over him. She also gives the sheriff a lead on a suspect — Seth Branson (Bobby Campo).

Meanwhile, things take a turn down the hall when Emma discovers that some of her classmates find her to be scary and dangerous. Haley faces Emma, telling her that her entire family must be crazy to always be wrapped up in town drama. This triggers something in Emma that makes her slap Haley as hard as she can. But Haley’s not the type of girl to just take a slap in the face. She attacks Emma, knocking her to the ground.

Teachers and the police break up the fight, and Ms. Lang decides to remove Emma from the room. She places her in an office to allow her to calm down. However, when she leaves she sneakily locks the door.

What’s Ms. Lang up to? That may be the most important question in episode 5. Shortly after the killer gives Emma a call and shows up outside the office window. Emma may have been afraid the last time she came face to face with the killer, but not this time. She uses a chair to break the window. However, the Brandon James killer is gone when she climbs through the broken glass.

While all this is going on with Emma, Audrey decides to confront Stavo (Santiago Segura). After seeing his drawings the week before, Audrey is certain that he’s their new stalker. She steals his tablet and shows everyone the bloody drawings he’s been creating. Stavo tries to defend his artwork by saying he’s just drawing comics, but the other students don’t see it that way. Haley calls him a “sicko,” and a group of students attack him. Sheriff Acosta breaks up the fight just as a bloody Emma returns to the room.

Episode 5 ends with some big developments. Acosta removes Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) from the case out of fear that she’s too close to the investigation. (And on top of it she also divulged classified information to Brooke.) Emma also made a bold move by deciding to not tell anyone about seeing the killer. Instead she tries to blame Ms. Lang for breaking the window. She says she wouldn’t have had a panic attack and had to break the window if Ms. Lang hadn’t locked her in the office. Finally, Acosta uses Jake’s fingerprint to unlock his phone. Once inside he discovers a series of text messages between Jake and Mayor Maddox. But those texts aren’t nearly as incriminating as the ones that Noah finds on Audrey’s phone. He discovers the video of Audrey removing the pins from Jake’s body.

Scream Season 2, episode 5  Audrey
Audrey’s (Bex Taylor-Klaus) secret is out in episode 5 of “Scream” Season 2. MTV