• Missing Alex Reyes surfaced on Twitter amid the “Call 911” trend
  • The 23-year-old male from Seattle is still missing
  • Reyes was last seen in his apartment on June 23
  • His family is doing a social media campaign to help them find him
  • His mom said that the authorities are reviewing the surveillance footage
  • Authorities will patrol water perimeters

Alex Reyes from Seattle is still missing and now his family has urged the public to help them find him.

Whilst “Call 911” was trending on Twitter, the platform user Tatyana Reyes (@Tatyana_Reyes10) tweeted about his missing brother, Alex. Tatyana’s tweet urged anyone in the Seattle University District area to help their family find her missing brother using #FindAlexReyes.

Tatyana said that her 23-year-old brother stood between 5’ 7’’ to 5’ 8” and weighs 148 lbs. Tatyana also urged anyone who might’ve seen or has information about the whereabouts of her brother to call 911.

Reyes has been missing since Tuesday (June 23). He was last seen in his apartment near the Eastlake area of Seattle, WA at around 8 p.m., Lailas News reported.

Mary Grace Morgan-Reyes, Alex’s mom, also posted information on her Facebook page yesterday (June 24) about her missing son and who to contact in case someone knew his whereabouts.

Morgan-Reyes included in her post the contact number of Seattle Police Department (206-684-4300) and the case no. 20-195247 should people opt to call 911.

Alex’s mom also uploaded a picture of his missing son on her Facebook account, along with a snap of the area which was the last location of his phone. She also added a screenshot picture from the surveillance footage outside Alex’s apartment, where her son was last seen wearing a blue hoodie and a pair of black pants.

Alex’s brother, Andre, also took to Facebook and asked help to find his missing brother.

“He was last seen on surveillance footage outside his apartment in the near the Eastlake area of Seattle,” he posted. Andre asked the netizens’ help to share the information at the end of his post.

Alex’s mom shared an update on her Facebook account, today (June 25), that the authorities were reviewing the video surveillance footage. She also said that they would patrol the water perimeters as a standard operating process.

In the same post, Alex’s mom thanked the people who joined the search parties and those who continuously pray for her son and family.

The search for Alex continues. His family is waiting for additional information on his whereabouts and is hopeful that he will come home safe.