Meghan Markle was once again spotted with multiple rings during her official tour with Prince Harry. This time around, she wore four rings during her visit to Scotland.

Last month, Markle wore three rings during her visit to Brixton with the prince. The rings were placed on her thumb, index, and ring fingers. In Scotland, she placed her three rings on the same fingers, but Markle also wore a fourth and much bigger ring on her middle finger.

Johnny Fincham, the author of “Palmistry: Apprentice To Pro In 24 Hours,” said that there’s a much deeper reason why women wear their rings on certain fingers. “When we look at the human brain, we find a huge portion of it is devoted to our hands, interpreting the sensations they feel and the way they move. And when the digits are embraced by a ring, research has shown that this actually affects our behavior,” he said.

Fincham said that a ring on the thumb signifies that the person is controlling. “When a person wears a ring on the thumb, it represents a drive for more power,” he said.

Ring on the index finger symbolizes a woman’s esteem, and it also helps boost a woman’s sense of self-worth. And a ring on the middle finger is all about the person’s morals.

“We live in a time when traditional values are collapsing, which is perhaps why it is increasingly common to wear a ring on this digit. The related internal conflict is one of struggling to find a role in society and insecurity about one’s place in life,” Fincham said.

Diamond Dealer Direct, an expert on rings, said that the rings on the middle finger signify balance. The middle finger is also aligned with Saturn, a planet that symbolizes balance, justice and responsibility.

A ring on the fourth or ring finger symbolizes love and commitment. This is also why engagement and wedding rings are placed on this finger.