Classified court documents have revealed a settlement reached by Sylvester Stallone and his half-sister, Tori-Ann Filiti, 25 years ago over abuse allegations she made. Stallone agreed to a $2 million payment, but six tapes were to be destroyed as part of the agreement.  

The New York Post had the scoop on Stallone’s settlement and the secret tapes that were destroyed under the 1987 deal. Stallone agreed to a settlement of a $2 million lump sum as well as monthly payments of $16,666.66 for life and $50,000 for medical bills and psychiatric care, reports the Post.

Filiti claimed that Stallone physically abused her, although the “Rocky” actor has denied all allegations. Filiti died in August from lung cancer, reports the Daily Mail, and perhaps the most interesting part of the settlement, aside from the vast amount of money paid by Stallone, is the mention of six secret tapes.

In a letter, Filiti’s lawyers wrote, according to the Post: “This is to acknowledge receipt from you of a total of six cassette tapes, four of which contain conversations between you and your older half-brother who we are referring to as S.” The attorneys mention that as part of the agreement the tapes would be destroyed.

The Post says there could be more secret tapes that reveal other shocking details of the Stallone family. Jackie Stallone, the mother of Sylvester, Filiti and singer Frank Stallone, told the Post that the settlement did not indicate guilt on Sylvester’s part, rather that his half-sister extorted her famous sibling. Jackie said, “It was a very serious thing: Toni-Ann blackmailed him. She threatened Sly, quite frankly. This was nothing more than a shakedown.” The NY Post also said Jackie accused her late daughter of being addicted to Oxycontin.

At the time of the settlement, Stallone had starred in the first four “Rocky” movies as well as the first two “Rambo” movies, making him one of the biggest stars of the 1980s. According to his mother, “At the time he was very hot and his lawyers said, ‘Give her something just to shut her up’,” reports Daily Mail.