• Data miners dug up a new POI in "Fortnite" from a recent patch, but it won't be accessible to players until Season 3 nears its end
  • For people who have been consistently playing, they must have noticed that water levels have been going down since The Device event flooded the map at the end of Season 2
  • The Ruins could tie into the overall story of Season 3 or even provide clues into what Season 4 will be all about

There’s a new underwater location in “Fortnite,” but you won’t be able to get there until Season 3 Chapter 2 nears its end.

This brand new Point of Interest (POI) will supposedly be revealed once the water has receded from the map and is called “The Ruins," says ScreenRant.

An article published by Eurogamer stated that data miners were able to dig up the new POI from the code of a recently released patch for “Fortnite.”

Season 3 Chapter 2 of “Fortnite” began with the map being flooded after The Device event that saw Season 2’s conclusion. That same flood left large portions of the map submerged in water, introducing some new POIs, changing the landscape of some locations, while also disabling most of the cars in the game.

If you’ve been playing consistently and have been paying attention, the water has actually been receding over time, granting more and more access to what was once submerged and is now just damp land.

When Season 3 began, it was announced that players would gain access to new locations and vehicles as the water levels return to normal. This includes the return of old POI's as well as The Ruins. With a season of “Fortnite” lasting approximately 10 weeks, this is currently the fourth week of the third season.

According to data miners, The Ruins are speculated to not be available for players to explore until close to the end of the season. Seeing as The Ruins are located at the top left corner of the map, and is seemingly below even the normal sea level, it makes sense that this new POI would not be accessible until the water completely recedes.

The Ruins could very well tie into the storyline of Season 3 or even be a key location that leads into Season 4, ScreenRant reports. New locations often reveal things that relate to a season’s overarching story when they aren’t teasing story and gameplay developments yet to come.

Between now and August 26, expect water levels to continue to lower and normalize, effectively giving players access to more land than they couldn’t touch before. And although the storyline in Season 3 remains vague, The Ruins could prove critical in providing clarity about just what is going on in this “Fortnite” season.