In what was arguably the best “Secrets and Lies” episode of Season 2, we are finally one step closer to finding out who killed Kate Warner.

Episode 8 starts off in the Charlotte police station with Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) learning that two gunshots were fired at the 8686 Mint Hill Drive House — a “whorehouse” owned by Eric Warner’s (Michael Ealy) Sherwood Equity Group (SEG) and with the utilities under Patrick Warner’s (Charlie Barnett) name.

While searching the 8686 Mint Hill Drive home, Detective Cornell realizes the house is covered in cameras. After finally finding where all the video footage is stored, Cornell discovers the footage has been wiped from a storage database similar to the one SEG uses.

Back at SEG, Eric questions why Neil (Eric Winter) brought Carly (Presilah Nunez), a call girl, to the company party. In a flashback, Neil reveals that Melanie (AnnaLynne McCord) kicked Carly out of the event. After wondering why Carly was forced to leave, Carly says Melanie is her boss. Neil then reveals that he wanted to tell Eric what happened, but Patrick changed his mind.

At the office, Eric meets with Patrick to fire him. After handing in his idea, Patrick is escorted out of the building as the rest of the employees look on. We then see Eric in his father’s office and learn that the firing was done at the dad’s advice.

With a brothel under SEG’s name and a managing partner as a client, SEG may be linked to commercial sex trafficking. With many of the employees including Eric facing prison time, Eric has to make a difficult decision.

At the advice of his lawyer, Eric shows up at Detective Cornell’s desk with a box full of files from the company that according to Cornell, “is solid motive for Kate’s murder.” Turning in the box of files means Eric turned in Patrick to police.

Still seeking help from Danny (Kenny Johnson), Eric needs Danny took unlock Kate’s (Jordana Brewster) iPad which is the lead to a tracking device that will lead to who tried to blackmail him. Eric thinks it may be Patrick.

Things then start to go south for Patrick. While visiting his mother at the hospital, Patrick is placed under arrest by Cornell. Back at the police station, Patrick is interrogated by Cornell but once again says he didn’t kill Kate. Refusing to speak without his lawyer, Patrick waits before revealing any more information.

Unfortunately for Patrick, Cornell reveals that his wife Melanie was previously a prostitute and his lawyer has been sleeping with Melanie. As the lawyer walks in, Patrick flips out and attacks him.

With all of the dominoes beginning to fall, Melanie is the next one placed under arrest. While being interrogated, Melanie also assures the detective that she wasn’t responsible for Kate’s death, but she does know who did and she’s willing to make a deal.

Back at Eric’s house, Danny reveals he was able to get the password for Kate’s iPad. Just as the tablet is unlocked, Eric’s get a signal. Now on a chase to find out who blackmailed him, Eric and Danny head to a warehouse and see another car there. While trying to get a view of who is in the vehicle, Eric realizes it is his father.