There are only three episodes left until the Season 2 finale of “Secrets and Lies” but fans of the ABC series are going to have to wait an extra week for their chance to view episode 8, “The Racket.”

While the series has aired every Sunday since Oct. 16, it will not be airing on Nov. 20 due to the 2016 American Music Awards. According to a representative for ABC, the Sunday lineup needed to be pre-empted for the 2016 award show.

Compared to the numbers it pulled in last season, “Secrets and Lies” has been struggling, but if there’s good news, it’s that the past two episodes have seen an increase in viewership. From episode 5 to episode 6, the series went from 2.67 million viewers to 2.83. This week, episode 7 pulled 3.14 million viewers. The series is following a similar pattern to Season 1 where it hit a low in the ratings mid-season and then began to pick up as the end of the season neared.

After the cliffhanger ending featured in episode 7, where we learned that Patrick’s (Charlie Barnett) wife is a madam, episode 8 promises to feature even more twists. With everyone’s secrets finally coming to light and will discover the secret at the mysterious 8686 Mint Hill Drive house.

Eric (Michael Ealy) will also start working with Danny (Kenny Johnson) after their relationship soured. Eric will enlist the help of Danny to unlock Kate’s second iPad. According to the episode synopsis, the information Eric finds on the iPad will lead him to “the very last person he expected.” Seeing how the season has gone so far with everyone being questioned, it wouldn’t be a shock if Eric questions his father for Kate’s (Jordana Brewster) death.