Secrets and Lies
Does Eric (Michael Ealy) now suspect his brother and sister-in-law had a role in Kate's death? ABC

After learning a ton of new information about Kate’s past in episode 5, Eric learns even more about his wife’s secrets in “The Parent.”

Episode 6 of ABC’s “Secrets and Lies” Season 2 picked up exactly where episode 5 left off, in Eric’s (Michael Ealy) apartment with his sister Amanda (Mekia Cox) after she kicked Danny (Kenny Johnson) out of his house.

Eric and Amanda finally have a heart-to-heart about Amanda’s failed marriage and the Warner sister reveals that her husband filed for divorce after he said he didn’t want children (we later learn that this was only half the truth). Following his talk with his sister, Eric heads to work and encounters Mark Peterson (Larry Poindexter), a supposed investor who had a meeting with Kate (Jordana Brewster).

After being made aware of Kate’s death, Peterson quickly exits the building, leaving Eric to question his motives. Back at the police department, Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) is questioning a waiter who was working when Kate was talking to a mystery woman. The waiter didn’t hear what was said but did know that Kate and the woman were arguing.

After some short questioning, Cornell is sent to go find Danny who is supposed to be hiding out at a local motel. Cornell heads to the motel with her partner, only to find out that Danny had escaped. Cornell’s partner begins to question if she tipped Danny off and even goes through her phone. While he doesn’t find anything, he still has his suspicions.

But it turns out her partner’s suspicions were correct. Before leaving the motel, Cornell pulls out a second cell phone and sends Danny a message asking to meet up. Meeting up with Danny, Cornell gives him a burner phone and tells him to stay away from her. Pleading for help, Danny says he just wants to find his daughter, but Cornell warns him to go away, threatening to arrest him if she sees him again.

Meanwhile, a feud between Eric and his brother Patrick (Charlie Barnett) is brewing after Eric reveals that he doesn’t trust Patrick’s wife, Melanie (AnnaLynne McCord). Upset, Patrick questions why Eric wouldn’t like her, to which Eric replies “She’s just so damn loud.”

Secrets and Lies
Patrick's (Charlie Barnett) relationship with his brother Eric may be ruined. ABC

With new suspicions arising, Eric asks his secretary to be on the lookout for mail from a bank that his company does not do business with, since he now believes someone opened an account without authorization.

Following his argument with Patrick, Eric is confronted by Melanie in his office who begins to badmouth Kate and threatens Eric, revealing that she knows about Kate’s secrets and past.

Meanwhile, Eric discovers Peterson’s real identity and his wife’s, Belinda (Romy Rosemont). But Eric isn’t the only one onto the Petersons, Cornell also has her suspicions about the couple.

While dealing with Kate’s case, Cornell is paid a visit by her ex-husband. After learning that her daughter has been sober for 18 months, Cornell has an outburst but her ex-husband realizes that it has to do with a certain anniversary. In a flashback, we learn that Cornell learned about her divorce the same day her partner was murdered.

Eric then heads to the Peterson’s home to question the couple. Belinda reveals that she was the woman at the restaurant with Kate and was discussing Kate meeting the son she gave up for adoption. While originally open to the idea, Belinda had a change of heart and became angry at Kate.

Belinda reveals that the night of Kate’s death, she went to the office to talk to Kate. Now wondering if Belinda was the murderer, Eric flips out, but Belinda insists she wasn’t the murderer. She then urges Eric to check the security feed to prove her innocence but unfortunately for her, the footage was erased.

Although the security feed was deleted, Belinda may have saw who deleted it. Explaining to Eric that as she left the party that night she saw a blonde woman exit the security room, Eric realizes the woman was Patrick’s wife, Melanie.

With new information on hand, Eric also discovers which bank account was opened with his authorization. On his way to heading out, Eric’s secretary reveals that she was interrogated by Cornell and revealed that Kate caught Neil (Eric Winter) having sex in his office with Melanie. Eric will surely keep the new info in mind but must first deal with the bank account.

After heading to the bank, Eric requests the original paperwork as well as records of all the account activity. After revealing that his wife has passed, the bank employee gives Eric the paper work. It is then that Eric makes a shocking discover: Patrick was the one who opened the account.