Dylan O’Brien’s next film will be even more intense than “Maze Runner” and “Teen Wolf.” But this time, the story isn’t science fiction. The actor stars in “Deepwater Horizon,” a movie based on the true story of the oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico that exploded in 2010. A new trailer and poster give a better look at O’Brien’s character, Caleb.

Mark Wahlberg’s character Mike is still the main focus, but the trailer shows Caleb looking terrified as he discovers something is very wrong with the oil rig. Watch the new “Deepwater Horizon” promo below:

O’Brien and Wahlberg are joined by an impressive ensemble. Gina Rodriguez and Kurt Russell play crew members Andrea and Jimmy, while John Malkovich plays a BP representative.

“Deepwater Horizon” character posters were released exclusively by ABC as well. O’Brien looks solemn in the black-and-white photo, and it’s clear that he isn’t playing a teenager anymore. The 24-year-old even has facial hair in this film (something his “Teen Wolf” and “Maze Runner” characters never seem to have).

O’Brien currently isn’t filming anything. “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” has been postponed after a stunt gone wrong resulted in the actor getting injured. He suffered a concussion and fractured bones in his face, but he was scheduled to go back to the set earlier this month. Filming on the third installment in the franchise was postponed again until O’Brien can fully heal and schedules can be worked out. He is currently in talks to star in “American Assassin” in the meantime.

“Deepwater Horizon” is set to hit theaters Sept. 30.