Sega has brought back the Genesis Mini to the market, following along Nintendo's NES Classic Mini and SNES sequel, and Sony PlayStation Classic.

On Thursday, Sega officially launched the Sega Mega Drive, a Genesis gaming console that is a remake of the Sega Genesis originally launched on October 1988.

Sega Genesis Mini Features

The Sega Genesis Mini comes with 42 preloaded games like the classic Ecco the Dolphin, ToeJam, and Earl. Two of the titles, namely Tetris and Darius, were released for the first time making their debut on this year’s Sega launch.

Sega Genesis Mini can fit the palm of the gamers’ hand, with the console being just 55 percent the size of the original Sega Mega Drive.

Sega Genesis Mini resembles the ghetto blaster 1988 version that people had adopted. The side grille and extension port, as well as the volume controls, can be seen in this year’s release.

The authentic controllers look exactly the same as the original ones, with the USB ports placed in front of the body to offer the feel of 80’s gaming. However, users who desire to use their six-button pads should avail the updated version sold separately.

The Sega Genesis Mini is available on Walmart (WMT), Amazon (AMZN), Best Buy (BBY) and GameStop (GME). It is sold at $80 a piece.

In a statement, Jacob Nahin, Senior Communications Manager for Sega of America, assured the U.S. market that there is something for everyone on the Sega Genesis Mini.

Sega plans to revive some of its major titles from its back catalog. Getty

Other Parts of the Nostalgic Gaming Team

Nintendo launched its NES Mini Console three years ago. The company later re-launched the NES Classic Mini, followed by the SNES sequel after discovering the potentials of the retro hardware market. Sony, on the other hand, also made its nostalgic gaming move by re-releasing the PlayStation Classic.

People Behind the Sega Genesis Mini

At Games, a third-party manufacturer, produced the Sega Genesis Mini. Yuzo Koshiro, a Japanese video game music composer and arranger, added life to the Sega re-launch by using an original Yamaha YM2612 sound chip on the background.