Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez arrives at the Teen Choice Awards 2014 in Los Angeles, California, Aug. 10, 2014. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Selena Gomez finds Justin Bieber’s alleged crush on a mysterious Instagram girl “silly,” according to a report Tuesday. Bieber's former girlfriend also reportedly knows that the crush was his “attempt” to make her “jealous” after Gomez’s rumored relationship with One Direction star Niall Horan.

“Selena heard about Justin’s Instagram crush and just cringed. She thinks it’s silly and knows without a doubt that this is Justin’s attempt to try to make her jealous. It’s like some sort of revenge and payback because of her relationship with Niall,” a source told Hollywood Life.

The 21-year-old singer posted a photo of Cindy Kimberly on Instagram Monday captioning: “Omg who is this!!”

Soon after, Kimberly came forward saying that she was the girl in the photo Bieber posted. “I so do not know how to deal with this but I only have instagram and tumblr so whatever other stuff people are finding is fake (I did use to have a twitter account but I deactivated),” she wrote on Instagram Tuesday.

Bieber was reportedly “hurt” over the dating rumors of his “friend” Horan and Gomez and the Canadian singer sought answers from Horan. Horan and Gomez were spotted kissing recently.

“As far as Niall is concerned, Justin has been stung by the news,” an insider reportedly said. “He wants all the details of what went down. He is so hurt by this news and wants answers ASAP."