Senator Orrin Hatch created some entertaining imagery on the senate floor Wednesday when he accused President Barack Obama for being a liberal elitist who turned his back on working class Americans.

 President Obama has traded in the hard hat and lunch bucket legacy of the Democratic Party for a hipster fedora and a double skim latte, the Utah Republican said.

The Hill published the video clip of Hatch's argument, in which he criticized Obama for delaying the construction of the Keystone oil pipeline. Hatch claimed the president was putting the interests of environmental groups ahead of the needs of American workers. He also said the liberal dream of completely weaning off of oil was unrealistic.

The president is putting the preferred lifestyle policies of wealthy urbanites ahead of the needs of blue-collar and union workers and middle-class Americans, Hatch said.

Hatch and other Republicans believe that continuing with the Keystone pipeline would create hundreds of thousands of jobs as well as create energy independence. Proponents say its unnecessary and will be harmful to the environment.

In January, Obama delayed the project until after the 2012 election, citing that the White House needed more time to study its potential environmental risks. It has since supported TransCanada's reapplication to build the southern part of the controversial pipeline as a standalone project.