A Florida man was arrested after allegedly groping two young girls while they were shopping for school supplies at a Walmart store in Naples, Florida, Aug. 4, 2017. In this photograph, a police officer works at a crime scene after eight people, believed to be illegal immigrants who were smuggled into the United States, were found dead inside a sweltering 18-wheeler trailer parked behind a Walmart store in San Antonio, Texas, July 23, 2017. Reuters

A 25-year-old Florida man has been arrested after he touched two girls at a Naples Walmart store inappropriately Aug.4. The girls, aged 8 and 11, were purchasing stationery items at the "Back to School" section of the store when the man allegedly groped them, according to reports.

The two families were shocked when they learned the girls were groped in separate incidents by the same man, Eric Wrobleski. One of the two girls, aged 11, told her mother Wrobleski grabbed her from behind. The girl's mother complained to the store management that notified the Collier County Sheriff's Office. Hours later, another 8-year-old girl also complained to her mother the same man touched her in a similar manner while shopping, the New York Daily News reported citing an arrest affidavit. Wrobleski was arrested the same day.

Such cases are not unheard of at the Walmart stores. In June, at least 16 registered homeless sex offenders listed the Walmart store at Clearlake Road, Cocoa, in Florida as their home address, ABC-affiliate WFTV reported. Under the state law, homeless sex offenders can register themselves by providing the nearest physical address.

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As the reports about the sex offenders raised concern among the residents, Walmart issued a statement that read: “We work to maintain a safe environment for our customers and associates. It’s disturbing to learn that convicted felons would list our store as their residential address. We condemn such a practice and must refer any other questions to local law enforcement.”

In March, a man allegedly touched a woman and a teenager inappropriately at a Walmart store in Battle Ground, Washington D.C., police told CBS-affiliate KOIN 6 News.

Another such incident was reported in January when a woman was arrested in Sumter County, Florida, over multiple charges. She drank five beers inside the Walmart store and assaulted an emergency management technician after she got handcuffed. As the woman was being evaluated by the paramedics at the store, she grabbed a technician by the testicles, CBS-affiliate News 6 WKMG reported citing the arrest report.

In November, a man was arrested after he was caught on camera groping a woman at a Walmart store in Memphis, Tennessee. He was charged with sexual battery, Fox 5 KVVU-TV reported.

In another incident, reported in March 2016, a 24-year-old man surrendered to police after allegedly groping a 64-year-old woman at a Walmart store in Newnan, Georgia. The police said the suspect approached the woman, 40 years his senior, groped her, and then ran away, reported.

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​In May 2015, a man was arrested for groping multiple women at a Walmart store at Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. Court records revealed the man had allegedly grabbed several women by their backs inside the store in previous instances as well. One of the victims was just 13, CBS Miami reported.

Walmart stores across the U.S. have become a haven for criminals since 2000 after the then CEO Leo Scott started cutting budgets. "The constant calls from Walmart are just draining," Bill Ferguson, a police captain in Port Richey, Florida, was quoted as saying by Bloomberg in a report published in August 2016. "They recognize the problem and refuse to do anything about it."