A new “Shadowhunters” teaser has been released, and it shows how Jace (Dominic Sherwood) getting captured by Valentine (Alan van Sprang) will affect the relationships between the shadowhunters at the New York Institute.

In the new clip, Alec (Matthew Daddario) blames Clary (Katherine McNamara) for what had happened. Clary remains optimistic, but it appears that she does not know what Jace is capable of. The teaser also shows how being with Valentine has made Jace more in touch with the darker side of his personality. In the clip, Jace is seen taking the life of someone who is close to Clary.

The teaser sets up the mood for what is to come in the first episode of the series’ second season. The show will return with the episode titled “This Guilty Blood.” In the upcoming installment of the series, viewers will witness how Valentine will continue to grow his army. The younger shadowhunters will start questioning The Clave and how it reacts to Jace’s captivity. In an attempt to bring back peace to the Shadow World, unlikely alliances will be formed. There will also be lots of revelations.

New faces will be seen in the upcoming season of the show. Among those who joined the cast for the next installment are Alisha Wainwright and Nick Sagar. Huge developments in the characters are also to be expected. McNamara teased during a Q&A session that her character will be different from how she was in the first season. Clary has grown so much since finding out that she’s a shadowhunter, and viewers of the show will be able to see how she has developed into someone who is more confident about herself.

Catch all the exciting twists and turns in the shadow world and underworld when “Shadowhunters” Season 2 premieres on Jan. 2 on Freeform.