Mike Shouhed
"Shahs of Sunset" star Mike Shouhed, photographed at the Bravo New York Upfronts at Pillars 37 Studios on April 3, 2013, is speaking out for the first time since announcing his divorce from Jessica Parido in November. Getty Images

Mike Shouhed is finally coming to terms with the fact that his marriage to Jessica Parido is over. A rep for the star of Bravo's hit series "Shahs of Sunset" announced the divorce Nov. 24, revealing that cheating was a factor. Jessica has since come forward, stating that she's seeking a restraining order after several attempts from her soon-to-be ex to get in contact with her. It seems, however, that Mike is now ready to relent.

According to the Bravo Daily Dish, the reality star took to Facebook Friday to update fans on his and Jessica's separation. Mike wrote that he had "finally worked up the courage" to hire a divorce attorney. He went on to say that he knew that hiring a lawyer to sort out the divorce was the kiss of death for their marriage, which he had hoped was salvageable. Mike told Facebook friends Jessica "will always hold a special part" in his heart. He then recalled the earliest days of their relationship, saying he truly believed she would "be the mother of my children." Mike said he had done a lot of growing since his infidelity and wouldn't be making the same mistake twice.

"Don't feel sorry for me, that's not why I wrote this," he said. "Don't feel for her, she's happy with who she's with now. Just know that you can't keep a good man down. I love my life today...some days are still very hard, I lost one of my best friends. I am grateful for everything that has happened. The wisdom gained is priceless. Bless up."

On Dec. 3, just under a week after going public about their divorce, Jessica announced that upon returning to Los Angeles from Art Basel in Miami she would be filing for a restraining order. She told E! Online she had been forced to change her phone number because of Mike's ceaseless calling. Jessica added that her estranged hubby had "been coming to my office every day for the past month." He had also reportedly been contacting anyone close to Jessica in the hopes of getting back in her good graces through them. His publicist denied having any knowledge of the restraining order and refused to comment on it. Still, Jessica stood by her claims, telling E! she found his attempts "really sad."

News of the couple's split broke in late November, though it is thought to have taken place several months earlier. According to divorce paperwork obtained by E! Online, the pair split Aug. 1. At the time they had been married for just eight months. Jessica is said to have filed the documents, citing irreconcilable differences as the main reason for their separation. Mike's rep admitted to E! that his clients cheating was the spark that lead to their divorce. This news comes after the "Shahs" star spent much of Season 4 denying that he had been unfaithful to his wife at any point during their relationship. Jessica reportedly found an incriminating text message on her husband's phone and confronted him about it. He answered honestly, admitted that he had previously cheated.