Shameless Season 5 Spoilers
Meet the new cast member added to Season 5 of "Shameless." Shameless

There’s nothing shameless about being obsessed with “Shameless”! Which is why we’ve decided to break down the next three episodes of Season 4 from the Showtime series for you devoted fans. The last time we saw the Gallagher’s, Frank had a broken leg and Fiona had a wrecked relationship. But hey, leave it up to the family of seven to always top themselves when it comes to mischief.

Here’s what you can expect when season 4, episode 5 airs Sunday night at 9:00 PM ET/ PT: “Fiona’s bad decisions boil over and Lip gets a surprise visit at college.” OK, so obviously the “bad decision” being referred to is Fiona’s scandalous affair with her boyfriend’s (Mike) brother (Robbie). But after all the close encounters Fiona has had of Mike catching her red handed and draws to the floor you’d think she stop, right? Wrong. If anything, the taste of rebellion has heightened Fiona’s craving for trouble even more. We think Fiona and Mike will be over as quickly as they began.

Following episode 5 titled “There’s The Rub” is episode 6, which is being called “Iron City.” Now, if we had to guess, we think “Iron City” is a nickname for a prison. And we say that confidentially because in episode 6 Fiona ends up behind bars. On the bright side, we think Frank ends up getting his very own liver considering the synopsis of the episodes teases that he “gets some sobering news.” But can Frank really stop drinking for good—that is, if he actually lives to get a new organ.

But it isn’t until episode 7 titled “A Jailbird, invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, and Parasitic Twin” that things really start to get interesting. Because Fiona is rocking an orange jumpsuit, guardianship duties will fall upon Lip—who, according to spoilers, gets some assistance from someone very unexpected. Could he be referring to Mandy? It seems the tough street babe still has feelings for the college boy. But can she finally let go of her grudge of him leaving her behind?

Guess we’ll find out when “Shameless” airs this Sunday! What do you think is in store for the Gallagher’s during Season 4? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below!