Shameless Season 5 Spoilers
Meet the new cast member added to Season 5 of "Shameless." Shameless

Is it just us, or is this the best season of “Shameless” yet? Fiona is back to her old rebellious self, Lip is finally getting a taste of his own medicine and Frank might be dead by the season 4 finale! The only thing missing from the dramatic Showtime series is Ian (Cameron Monaghan). Seriously, we miss that red-headed stud. And apparently, so does Mickey!

Since our last “Shameless” sitdown, we broke down season 4, episodes 5, 6, and 7 for you. And as interesting as they were, we want more! Thankfully, the grungy Showtime series decided to leak another three episodes for you diehard fans to study. And we have to admit, they kind of piece the puzzle together regarding the grim outlook for the Gallaghers.

The synopsis for Episode 8, “Hope Springs Paternal," states that “to prepare for a visit from her probation office, Fiona most remove all paraphernalia from the house.” Now, we’re not sure how Emmy Rossum’s character winds up behind bars, but what we do know is that she will definitely have a hard time trying to clean up her family’s act — and house— especially with the troublesome Frank limping around. In Episode 8, “Ian is kicked out of Mickey’s house.” Thank goodness Showtime decided to give Ian his own debut. We’re seriously having Frank-like withdrawals without him.

In Episode 9, called “The Legend of Bonnie and Carl,” Frank’s devoted child gets his flirt on with a girl in detention. And he’s not the only Gallagher bitten by the love bug! According to the leaked synopsis, Lip grows closer to a girl named Amanda. Hmm, does that mean Mandy is out of the picture for good? Last time we saw the ex-lovers together, Mandy had knocked Lip out for nearly getting her pregnant. Joan Cusack’s character, Sheila, will also come into full force in this episode with “big plans,” and Fiona searches for a job.

From that, we can predict that Fiona and Mike have definitely ended their relationship due to her affair with her boss’ brother. Yikes. Mickey will also change his tune in episode 9 as he decides to put his temper behind him and spend time with the man he’s been missing for months.

Episode 10, titled “Liver, I Hardly Know Her,” is when things start to get interesting on “Shameless.” Fiona “violates terms of her probation” which forces the family to go into “search party mode.” Does that mean Fiona has gone missing and her family is trying to bring her back before law officials notice? We’re not sure. But knowing the kind of mind state Fiona is currently in, it wouldn’t surprise us one bit if she went a little crazy. Hey, we would too if we we’re the legal guardian of five rambunctious kids!

What are your predictions for the second half of “Shameless” season 4? Sound off in the comments section below!