“Shameless” has only four episodes left of its fourth season—and we have to admit, this is the most drama we’ve ever seen from the Showtime series created by Paul Abbott. That says a lot, considering Frank has continuously shocked us throughout the entire show based on the award-winning British program. From hooking up with his son’s girlfriend to losing Liam as collateral in a bar bet, Frank has always proved to be the most menacing character of “Shameless.”

But it looks like Fiona is coming in at a close second. Always blaming her Gallagher roots, Emmy Rossum’s character has been partial to living life on the wild side—which explains the protagonist’s interest in her boyfriend’s troubled brother.

“Mike listens to One Direction in the morning. He’s chipper, excited and he cares about her. If she doesn’t call when she says she would, he freaks out. So he’s not a car thief. He’s not dangerous. He’s sexy. He’s stable. For somebody that hasn’t grown up knowing that that’s what you should want, that’s what’s supposed to feel good, it doesn’t feel good for her,” Rossum explained to TV Line about her former TV boyfriend.

In fact, Fiona is so used to having disorder surround her life that when she’s not engulfed in drama she goes out and seeks it. “[Mike’s] brother’s name is Robbie, and he’s fresh out of rehab. He is just her easiest way to mess everything up. She’s really addicted to chaos — not addicted to drugs or alcohol in the same way that Frank is. But there’s really a chaos about the Gallagher house that makes her feel safe that makes her struggle but makes her feel comfortable. It’s familiar to her. So she starts to create that when there’s an absence of it,” she said.

But her comfort ends when Fiona is put on house arrest for accidentally letting Liam get into Robbie’s coke. “When can I get out of here? I’m the sole earner and money is pretty tight,” Fiona tells her probation officer.

“If you attempt to leave the residence, you will be in deep s---,” she replied.

And we all know what that means—Fiona will definitely be leaving the house in episode 8, “Hope Springs Eternal,” which will air March 9.

During the promo, we see Fiona drowning her sorrows with a bottle of booze. That ultimately leads to her burnt dinner. “Calm down, it’s my fault. I brought the vodka,” Vee tells a livid Lip. “What? And poured it down her throat?” he asked. In a state of fury, Lip takes Carl and Liam out of Fiona’s care.

“Burn the house down. Burn the food, too. I could always steal more. Bang the boss’s brother. Leave coke out on the table for the kids. Get arrested. Do whatever the f--- you need to do—I’ve got this,” Lip said before storming out.

That’s when reality sets in for Fiona that she hasn’t been taken her responsibility as guardian seriously. Will the siblings make up in episode 8 or will things only get worse for Fiona? Let us know your take on the situation in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Shameless” when the Showtime series airs March 9.