What will happen when Fiona (Emmy Rossum), Frank (William H. Macy) and the rest of the Gallaghers return to Showtime for Season 8 of “Shameless”? Showtime

“Shameless” fans have a long wait ahead of them before Season 8 premieres, but that won’t stop them from dreaming of what’s to come. Season 7 was filled with jaw dropping revelations, returns and even a death, all of which has left viewers craving more.

In a Dec. 14 tweet, “Shameless” star Emmy Rossum revealed that the cast would be back to filming in May, leaving plenty of time for writers to nail down storylines and scripts. While the series is notoriously unpredictable, Season 7 of “Shameless” opened a few doors fans are hoping to see explored further.

During the “Shameless” Season 7 finale, viewers learned that Monica (Annabella Apsion) had left behind a large quantity of crystal meth in a storage locker she and a mystery man were living in. After uncovering the stash, Frank (William H. Macy) decided the best thing to do would be to sell it — after all, he believed he could fetch $10,000 for each of the bags they’d found. The rest of the family, sans Fiona (Rossum), was on board with his plan.

Things took an unexpected turn for Frank shortly after coming upon Monica’s form of inheritance. Her father, who has always hated Frank, showed up at the Gallagher house ready to seek revenge for his daughter. He blamed Frank for her years of drug use and untimely death, unaware that she had been suffering from a terminal condition.

After that information is revealed to him — and he got a few punches in on the Gallagher patriarch — Monica’s father and the rest of the family get to planning a funeral. Fiona originally planned to have her mother cremated, hoping to get rid of the body quickly and without any fuss. She was able to stop the funeral home from performing the cremation before it was too late, though the lower half of Monica’s body was slightly burned. During a private moment with her mother before the funeral, Fiona stuffs her portion of the drug stash into her casket to be buried with her.

The show came to a close before any of the meth was sold, leaving viewers uncertain of whether Frank truly had finally stumbled upon his come up. Viewers were also not shown what happened after Fiona purchased the apartment building from her most recent fling.

Here are seven things we’d like to see happen in Season 8 of “Shameless”:

Frank Scammed Again:

Frank has been down and out since “Shameless” premiered. In fact, it’s come to be an aspect of the show that fans enjoy tuning in for — what kind of trouble will Frank get himself into this season?

Whether Frank is able to move to meth or not, there’s sure to be a mess in store for him in Season 8. The Gallagher patriarch has been known to attract problems regardless of his financial standing at the time and with hard drugs at his disposal, the chances of things going wrong are even greater. Frank has already had his organs sold on the black market and been thrown into Lake Michigan in the dead of winter, so we’re eager to see what awaits him in Season 8 of “Shameless.”

Lip’s Drinking Under Control:

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) has always been one of the more promising members of the Gallgher family. He was accepted into college and was thriving as an engineering major until a failed relationship with a professor and his drinking got the better of him. His expulsion from college sent him back to Chicago’s south side, where he believed he could manage his drinking with moderation. When that failed him, he found himself in Alcoholics Anonymous, searching for something to inspire him to stay sober.

In his group he managed to make a friend with an equally uninterested addict who seemed to have mastered the art of living sober. Lip resisted at first, but finally gave in to the friendship. When last we saw the duo, Lip was learning how to put together a motorcycle engine — could it be that he’s found another use for his smarts?

Fiona’s Third Business Thriving:

Fiona shocked “Shameless” viewers when she — a high school dropout with no form of higher education — excelled at running Patsy’s Pies. From there she decided to get a loan and buy out Etta (June Squibb), who owned the laundromat across the street from the diner. Fiona believed she could turn the old establishment into a hip, cool place for gentrifiers to do their laundry. While she was right, her family — especially Lip — had their doubts, especially after learning how much work had to go into the place.

While business at the laundromat was beginning to boom, Fiona decided it wasn’t for her anymore. The allure of more money from north side businessmen lead her to opt out, selling the place from under Etta and putting the elderly woman in a nursing home. After selling the business, Fiona attended an event hosted by the developer that purchased it. There she met Ryan, who she hooked up with. While hanging out at his south side apartment, she came into a new opportunity — real estate. Ryan sold her his building, but will it be as successful as the other businesses she had before?

Trevor Be A Staple In Ian’s Life:

With Mickey (Noel Fisher) away in prison, Ian (Cameron Monaghan) was free to open his heart to other romantic prospects. He unexpectedly stumbled upon Trevor (Elliot Fletcher), who did more than just show him how to love. During their whirlwind romance’s early days, Ian learned that Trevor was trans. He was fine with this fact until the time came for the pair to be intimate, and both shared the same preference for being tops. Trevor and Ian compromised and continued to fall for one another — that is, until Mickey came back into the picture.

Ian ran away with his former fling, planning to head for Mexico. Once at the border, he realized that he was no longer the same man that fell for Mickey and decided not to go. He sent his ex across the border with all the money from his savings account and one final kiss.

Ian returned home to Chicago and almost immediately ran to Trevor’s office. He attempted to rekindle their romance, but knew that it wouldn’t be easy. Trevor was clearly upset about having been ghosted on, but after learning that Monica had died, he asked to be invited to the funeral. Could this mean that Trevor is still open to being with Ian? We can only hope.

Carl Back From Military School:

Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) finally decided to get his life together and better himself in Season 7 of “Shameless.” With the help of ex-girlfriend Dominique’s (Jaylen Barron) dad, he was able to get into military school. This meant less of a presence in the Gallagher household and less screen time on the show.

Carl has been delivering witty one liners and wreaking havoc on “Shameless” since Season 1 and was certainly missed by fans. We would love to see him come home for good in Season 8.

More Speaking Parts For Liam:

Although Liam (Brandon Sims) has been on “Shameless” since Season 1 — even getting to be a central figure in Season 4, episode 5 — viewers had not heard him speak until Season 7. Liam has, throughout the course of the show, been at the center of some of Frank’s wildest schemes, and we’re hopeful that him getting speaking parts is a sign that he’ll play an even bigger part in Season 8.

Kev And V Get Back At Svetlana:

During Season 7, Kev (Steve Howey) and V (Shanola Hampton) were betrayed by Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter). The woman they believed loved them and their children tricked them into selling The Alibi, leaving them to work under her. During the episode, it was also revealed that she was not legally married to either of them, but rather had been hiding a Russian husband all along.

When they uncovered all her secrets, Kev and V were furious. Both refused to work at the bar under V and were forced to look elsewhere for income to support their family. V burned Svetlana’s belongings and kicked her out of their house, but we’re hoping there’s more in store in the way of revenge in Season 8.