A YouTube user claimed to have spotted a shapeshifting UFO flying over Cambridge in England. In the video, the object can be seen changing its shape a couple of times.

Footage of the strange object was captured by a YouTube channel known as Aviation Videos & Wildlife FULL HD. Based on the channel’s name and profile, it mainly features clips of various animals and different civilian and military aircraft.

In the video, the bright mysterious object can be clearly seen against the black backdrop of the night sky. The object moved erratically and did not follow a linear path across the sky.

During certain points in the video, the object can be seen distorting its body and changing its overall shape.

One YouTube user commented that the object could be distorting gravity in order to travel across space, which could explain why the object’s overall shape changes. The commenter noted that this concept is similar to the explanation provided by Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar regarding the gravity warp capabilities of UFOs.

According to Lazar, who claimed to have worked at a secret facility in Area 51, UFOs travel across space using gravity generators. Instead of traveling on a linear path, the alien vessels distort the space around them using the generators.

“Assuming they’re in space, they will focus the three gravity generators on the point they want to go to,” Lazar said during an interview with author Timothy Good for his book “Alien Contact.”

According to Lazar, this technology works by pulling a point or region in space toward the direction of the spacecraft. The vessel then follows the region as it returns to its original spot.

“There’s no linear travel through space; it actually bends space and time and follows space as it retreats,” Lazard explained.

“They essentially balance on the gravitational field that the gravity generators put out, and they can ride a ‘wave,’ like a cork does in the ocean,” he added. “In that mode, they’re very unstable and are affected by the weather.”

In the case of the Cambridge UFO, the YouTube user speculated that it may have been using its gravity generator to fly away. It is possible that its surroundings were getting stretched and distorted, causing the UFO’s overall shape to appear differently.

A UFO flying away from a plume in this frame from the 2014 Chile helicopter video. CEFAA