Dubbed as the "greatest week of television," Shark Week started on Sunday, July 31 on the Discovery Channel. For a week straight, viewers can watch some of the most awe-inspiring animals in the world.

Over the course of the week, you can learn about jumping sharks, shark attacks, shark pandemonium and shark culture. But, as the extravaganza reaches its 23rd year, you may be looking for something a bit more exciting to get you back into the spirit of your very first Shark Week.

Not to worry, we've got something that you'll remember for Shark Weeks to come.

Shark cage diving is the best way to get up close and personal with a shark without running the risk of being eaten. Many companies around the world offer cage dives into the natural habitats of sharks. Great Whites, Hammerheads, Tigers and other indigenous sharks can be seen in the waters of Australia, South Africa, the Bahamas, Mexico and North America.

To call the sharks, crews chum the water with fish blood and bait. Sharks smell the blood from miles away and track it to the source. As the sharks eat the fish, your guide can go over safety procedures (like no petting the sharks!) as well as shark trivia and information. Then, the professional grade cages are lowered into the water right next to the sharks. It is an adrenaline rush like no other to share the water with some of the most powerful creatures in the world.

Shark divers off the coast of Guadalupe (sharkdiver.com)

Divers can spend up to 30 minutes in the cage, during which time they can see all sorts of aquatic life along with the sharks. After a while, the sharks will swim away and its back onto the boat.

Depending on where in the world you want to dive, tours can offer multi-day boat packages for a full week out on the water. Other companies offer single day or two hour excursions to fit any schedule.

The Atlantis Marine World in Long Island offers shark dives as well as entrance to the aquarium for $155. Visitors can watch tiger sharks as well as nurse sharks, turtles, and fish.

Diving with Sharks takes divers to Isla Guadalupe to experience great white sharks in person. No diver certification is necessary and trained animal behaviorists can ensure your safety.

Shark Cage Diving takes you to South Africa to see the Great White Sharks in their natural habitat. They also offer a full money-back guarantee "no shark seen = your money back."

Dive Adventures heads to the coast of Australia to deliver the Great White. Diving packages up to a week are available from August to November & January to March of each year.

Great White Adventures and Shark Diver both take you to Guadalupe where you can film your own home video of your shark encounter or purchase a video from a videographer in the cage with you. Five day trips allow you to learn about the marine life and habitats of the sharks as well as spend a week on the water.

A shark swims by the cage (sharkdiver.com)

Other (less terrifying) ways to get in the Shark Week spirit:

- Buy a shark (the baby kind!)

- Turn Shark Week into a drinking game

- Watch Jaws

- Make shark cupcakes

- Visit an aquarium

- Get the app

- Go shoe shopping

- Donate to The Blue Project to help raise awareness about endangered sharks

You can also like Shark Week on Facebook, or visit the Discovery Channel website to find a complete list of Shark Week shows and information.

A view from inside the tank (stripersonline.com)