The jawsome Shark Week specials continue Wednesday as experts head to South Africa and New Zealand to look at Great Whites. Then viewers will come back to the U.S. to watch the “Shark Tank” cast members decide which shark-friendly organization deserves a big donation. Check out the full Wednesday night Shark Week schedule below:

7 p.m. EDT — “Air Jaws: The Hunted: Sharkopedia Edition” — The Tuesday night special explored Orcas killing Great Whites in South Africa, and it will air again but this time with added trivia and fun facts.

8 p.m. EDT — “Air Jaws: Back From The Dead” — While Shark Week celebrates its 30th anniversary, “Air Jaws” is in its 17th year. The series typically observes sharks as they breach the water to kill seals. However, orcas have killed many sharks off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa and driven off the others. Filmmaker Jeff Kurr and shark photographer Chris Fallows head to New Zealand to see if they can find other “flying” sharks in this Shark Entertainment-produced special.

9 p.m. EDT — “Shark Tank Meets Shark Week” — ABC’s “Shark Tank” Sharks (Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary) are all competing for a $50,000 donation. Each entrepreneur is paired with a shark-centric non-profit, and they’ll learn about finning, micro-plastics and other threats to sharks. They’ll also discover how these charities are fighting to save the sharks. For the first time, the human Sharks will have to pitch each other to determine which organization deserves the donation. Radley Studios produced this Shark Week special.

Shark Week 2018 Wednesday schedule
A breaching Great White shark is pictured in New Zealand in "Air Jaws: Back From The Dead," one of the Wednesday night Shark Week specials. Discovery Channel

10 p.m. EDT — “Sharkcam Stakeout” — Dr. Greg Skomal and the Woods Hole team head down to the Bahamas to check out how Bull sharks and Hammerhead sharks live in this Big Wave-produced hour. Doc Gruber and Dr. Tristan Gutteridge of the Bimini Shark Lab will help them out. Will they uncover new information about sharks’ hunting techniques?

11 p.m. EDT — “Shark After Dark” — On Wednesday’s Shark Week after show, host Julian McCullough will welcome actor Jerry O’Connell, who was just announced as the host of “Real Men Watch Bravo,” comedian Nikki Glaser (“Trainwreck”) and shark expert Luke Tipple, who will also appear in “Shark Tank Meets Shark Week.”

It’s not just the Sharks who are donating to charity for Shark Week. In addition to having Shark Week profile cards, Tinder (with help from Pledgeling, a charitable giving platform) is making it easy for those looking for love to make a donation to Oceana, an ocean-focused nonprofit, until July 29. Users can swipe to donate after matching with a date or text SHARK to 707070. Tinder and Pledgeling are also offering three winners and their dates a shark diving trip in the Bahamas. Talk about a fintastic date.