HBO concluded its buzzworthy limited series “Sharp Objects” on Sunday by revealing not one, but multiple killers. Readers of Gillian Flynn’s book of the same title know how the story ends, and luckily for devout fans of the 2006 novel, the show was faithful to its original copy.

Ahead of the finale premiere, International Business Times spoke with Jodes and Kelsey actors and real-life sisters April and Violet Brinson to get their take on the ending.

Sunday’s finale concluded with Patricia Clarkson’s Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy-stricken character Adora being arrested for the death of her daughter Marian years prior and the recent murder of two young girls in Windgap. Police find bloodied pliers in Adora’s home, which were used to remove the teeth of the victims, and consider the idea that she had an accomplice.

After a tearful goodbye to friends Jodes and Kelsey, Amma (Eliza Scanlen) goes on to live with her half-sister Camille (Amy Adams) and soon after, another young girl goes missing. Camille then discovers the missing teeth in her young sibling’s beloved dollhouse, revealing that Amma murdered the two young girls, not Adora. “Don’t tell momma,” Amma pleads to Camille.

A post-credit scene depicts the gruesome ways in which Amma, Jodes, and Kelsey killed their two young neighbors. Quick shots show the girls working together to strangle their victims. The montage ends with Amma’s murdering of her new friend alone in a jealous rage.

While characters Jodes and Kelsey received little screen time in the finale, both stars said they were in favor of the series’ finale script.

“I thought the way the show ended was so brilliant,” Violet, 16, told IBT. “All the creators involved are insanely creative and original and I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to be apart of the final product.”

In the book, Amma, April, and Jodes are admitted into a psychiatric hospital after Camille’s discovery. This storyline was not featured in the series. April explained why the show, which concluded with episode 8, “Milk,” may have differed from the book despite Flynn’s deep involvement in the program as an executive producer.

“I love it when movies stay close to the book. That being said, unlike a movie, we have eight hours to tell a story. I really feel like this gives us the opportunity to delve deeper into the lives of the characters we are portraying and capture all the essence of Gillian's books,” the 18-year-old said. “I also love that Gillian had such an active hand in the project and was able to make sure it stayed true to her vision.”

sharp objects
“Sharp Objects” stars April Brinson, Violet Brinson and Eliza Scanlen in a scene from the HBO limited series, which concluded Sunday night. HBO

Of course, there were teases along the way of who the killer(s) could be, something readers may have picked up on. During one scene in an earlier episode, Violet’s Kelsey comes in contact with the town’s police chief. When he warns her to steer clear of a potential male drunk driver on the road, she reminds him a criminal could easily be female, clearly a nod to her group’s crimes.

“Oh my gosh, I had a blast!” Violet said of being able to foreshadow the conclusion. “Being able to drop all those little hints, without giving anything away, was very exciting!”

“It’s always fun knowing things the audience doesn’t and clue them in with little tidbits of information. It made me feel very clever,” added April.

While Jodes and Kelsey are clearly shown committing numerous crimes, including murder, the actors said they don’t necessarily consider their characters to be villains, but more so at the mercy of Amma.

“I definitely don’t consider Jodes a villain,” said April. “She’s a girl from a very small town who is pushed around, teased, and pressured into making horrible and unforgivable choices. Although her actions are inexcusable, she is also a victim of her environment and particular circumstances.”

“I believe Amma has a lot of control over what Kelsey and Jodes do and they will do whatever it takes to make her happy and impress her,” Violet explained. “As an actress, you have to find the reasoning behind your characters and do your best not to judge them.”

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brinson sisters
April and Violet Brinson plays friends Jodes and Kelsey on HBO's "Sharp Objects." Photo by Benjo Arwas/Styling by Erin MacDonald