“Sharp Objects” includes a cast of A-listers, from Oscar-nominee Amy Adams to Emmy-winner Patricia Clarkson, but HBO also sprinkled in a few newcomers into the mix. Starring alongside Amma actress Eliza Scanlen are her two on-screen besties April and Violet Brinson, who play Jodes and Kelsey, respectively.

While the two Oklahoma natives are part of a troubled teen friend group on the limited drama series, April and Violet are real sisters off-screen. The two shared with International Business Times the unique way they landed their first critically acclaimed small screen roles.

Originally competitive dancers, Violet, 16, and April, 18, made their first trek into the “Sharp Objects” project by sending in separate videos of them roller skating, a popular pastime for their characters on the show. Casting agents quickly noticed the similarity between the girls from their personally edited audition tapes to their shared last name, still, they didn’t immediately know they two actors were related.

“It was really funny because casting called up April’s agents and asked them if April had a sister, and her agents didn’t know, so they said she didn’t,” Violet told IBT via email.

“April’s agents called our mom and finally asked whether or not she had a sister or cousin auditioning and my mom confirmed that, yes, April has a sister that is also auditioning. Everyone got a good laugh out of this.”

“I think it was really funny that Violet and I were able to get through much of the audition process without people knowing we were sisters,” April said.

april and violet brinson
“Sharp Objects” stars April and Violet Brinson play friends Jodes and Kelsey on the HBO series. Photo by Benjo Arwas/Styling by Erin MacDonald

After solving the sibling mystery, April and Violet were invited to audition for executive producer and director Jean-Marc Vallee, a move which Violet described as “bittersweet” as they were both originally gunning for the same role. “We really had to channel our inner Serena and Venus Williams (sister goals),” explained Violet.

“I normally try not to become attached to a project before the first audition, but it was impossible with this one,” said April.

Though the show’s content is extremely dark, including subjects matters such as murder, self-mutilation and substance abuse, April said their family was supportive of their roles.

The content may be very dark, but it is also incredibly written, acted, and directed. As soon as I read ‘Sharp Objects’ I was deeply attached to the characters and storylines and desperately wanted to play out their struggles and triumphs.

As far as my family goes, my mom is incredibly supportive, so she was on board 100 percent. We often discussed the content altogether to better understand the seriousness of it all and the difficult struggles some people face.

With a sister on set, the two used one another to prepare for the show’s mature plot lines. “April and I talked a lot about our characters and our scenes and developed them together. It was really fun going through that process,” said Violet, who read the Gillian Flynn book of the same title in preparation for filming.

Meanwhile, April looked to moments in her own life that helped her get into her character of Jodes.

“Throughout filming, I really had to identify with the moments in my life where I have felt less than or unwanted...After I found the triggers that Jodes and I shared, I could often use them as a way to understand the other emotions and situations that Jodes was in that I have not experienced in my own life.”

While their on-screen bestie Amma may not be blood-related, April and Violet both said their co-star Eliza quickly became a true friend off-camera.

“The three of us got along right away,” Violet shared. When the trio was not busy filming, they spent time taking pottery and knitting lessons and getting dinner. “Meeting Eliza and developing a deep friendship with her was an incredible part of this whole experience,” said April.

With “Sharp Objects” quickly coming to an end — HBO will air the series finale on Sunday — the sisters are looking ahead to their next project, one which they hope will be together.

“It is truly a fantastic feeling to have someone to cheer you on and support you in such a loving way,” said April. “Being able to work on the same project has provided me with memories that I will cherish forever.”

Stay tuned to International Business Times for a “Sharp Objects” post-finale interview with April and Violet Brinson.

“Sharp Objects” stars April and Violet Brinson. Photo by Benjo Arwas/Styling by Erin MacDonald