• Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are "cute and solid together," according to their friends
  • The couple reportedly shares many interests, including self-healing and well-being
  • The actress and the Olympic snowboarder reportedly spend "any free minute they get" with each other

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White might take their relationship to the next level soon, a report says.

The "Vampire Diaries" alum and the snowboarding champ have been together for about two years, and their friends believe it's only a matter of time before the two get engaged.

"They are so freaking cute and solid together," an unnamed friend of the couple told Page Six. "I would not be surprised if an engagement happens any day now."

Dobrev recently moved into White's home in Los Angeles. Both of them adore dogs — Dobrev has a pooch named Maverick and White has a French bulldog called Steve.

"They share so many interests, they're both driven, they're both into self-healing and well-being. They’re both very spiritual and motivated," the pal added. "They've both worked so hard for so many years to make their own careers, so now they've decided that any free minute they get, they spend with each other."

News of Dobrev and White dating broke in April 2020. However, they first met in Florida in 2019 at an event for motivational speaker Tony Robbins where they both gave presentations.

"I actually didn't know anything about her," White told People last month of their first encounter.

The three-time Olympic gold medal winner recalled getting an ego check when he and the actress decided to grab a bite to eat after the event at a nearby restaurant.

When Dobrev spoke to the hostess to ask if they can get a table at the packed restaurant, White saw the woman blushing and thought the actress had told her about him. When several members of the restaurant staff appeared, the athlete had assumed that they wanted to meet him but was surprised when their goal turned out to be Dobrev.

"Can we get a photo ... with her?" White recalled one of the waiters asking. "And I was like, 'What's happening? What's going on?' It was actually really funny."

According to White, they began dating shortly after and did their best to juggle time together amid their busy careers.

The couple spent the lockdown together, with the athlete calling Dobrev "a lifesaver."

Dobrev made their relationship Instagram official in May 2020 when she shared a photo of herself holding a pair of scissors while the athlete jokingly looked afraid.

White later uploaded a video of Dobrev changing up his look, which he captioned, "My hairstylist said he wouldn't, so she did. #QuarantineCuts."

White jetted off to China for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics Friday. Due to strict COVID-19 regulations, Dobrev will only be cheering him on from their home in L.A.

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