Shazam just announced its own augmented reality platform. YouTube/Malcolm Bennink

Mobile media content-identifying app Shazam is entering augmented reality (AR) territory after it announced its very own AR platform for its brand partners, artists and the general users. At launch, the tech company partnered with spirits manufacturer Beam Suntory, Inc.

Just this Monday, Shazam introduced its new venture in a press release, saying that this is going to be its next big step forward to realizing its goal of seamlessly connecting its brand partners and artists with users through custom content. The company acknowledged that AR has undeniably become a cornerstone in engaging users in immersive experiences through an interactive medium.

“We knew we were on to something big when we released visual image recognition in 2015,” Shazam CEO Rich Riley said. “With the rapid rise of augmented reality, it is a natural evolution for Shazam to be a first-mover in delivering AR at scale.”

Shazam intends to make its AR platform a portal to more engaging marketing materials. With the use of Shazam Codes, users of its app will get the chance to view the 3D animations, product visualizations, 360-degree videos and even mini games on their phones.

Shazam has already seeded AR functionality to its Android and iOS apps via the latest update. However, it does not work yet for the very reason that the company has yet to roll out to the market the specially marked cards or stickers that would unlock animations and informative content on its mobile app’s interface, as per Slash Gear.

As the first launch partner of Shazam, Beam Suntory, Inc. is excited for the venture. “We are excited to collaborate with Shazam on the launch of their augmented reality in-app functionality,” the company’s Commercial Marketing senior director Michelle Cater said. “With more than 150 years of experience producing premium tequila, we have constantly innovated throughout the years to reach consumers in new and exciting ways.”