A South Carolina mother who went missing for four weeks before she was found on Christmas Eve is being compared to the violent tale of kidnapping involving Sherri Papini that captivated the nation earlier this year. 

Haleigh Brianna Grogan, 19, was found on Christmas Eve walking with an unidentified man on a local highway. She did not medical attention, according to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. The young mother had no idea she had been listed as a missing person.

Grogan disappeared after visiting a friend’s house. She had been slated to pick up her son from his grandmother’s house. Grogan's family posted on Facebook that Christmas was back on now their Haleigh had come home. 

"Haleigh has been found and is safe. Words cannot say how much I appreciate the thousands of people who have prayed for her, looked for her and anything else that contributed to helping to find her. However I won’t go in to details and answer questions. Its a blessing that we can now enjoy Christmas. Please respect that. I love you all and thank you soooooo much! Merry Christmas," the message read.

Both Papini and Grogan are young, attractive blond mothers who went missing for nearly a month each, but the similarities might end there. Papini's family described a much darker story about her time gone from home that saw the woman's hair chopped off and her skin branded with a symbol. 

Papini's case gripped the nation in November after the California mom of two young children went missing while jogging. She turned up a few weeks later on Thanksgiving Day bound and wounded on the side of a highway near her home in Redding, California. She has said she cannot identify or describe her abductors because her face was kept covered during her 22-day disappearance. Investigators remain in nearly daily contact with Sherri and her husband, Keith, as they search for her abductors.