• Shiba Inu was trading down 2.54% at $0.00002288
  • Dogecoin was trading down 1.73% at $0.1184
  • SHIB developer Kusama says saddened by Andre Cronje's departure from crypto

Shytoshi Kusama, the pseudonymous lead developer of the dog-themed meme coin Shiba Inu, reached out to SHIB investors and holders following the fear and uncertainty created by the departure of DeFi founder Andre Cronje from the industry. The statement, while seeking to reassure, also seemingly took a dig at DOGE founder Billy Markus, who also had left his project earlier.

Cronje, widely known as the 'Godfather of DeFi,' and his close partner Anton Nell said Sunday they are leaving cyrpto, an announcement that sent the YFI and FTM tokens diving amid investor fears of a rug pull.

Kusama used Twitter to reach out to worried investors and share their thoughts. They said they were saddened by Cronje's leaving but were there to build.

"Sad to see Andre leave. But that's why #shib is built different. Unlike Billy, who also called it quits, I'm not leaving. I'm building. I see a future where most see the end. (Which I get.) I'm no billionaire (and never will be), I'm just a normal guy doing my best," the tweet read.

SHIB is the main currency in the ecosystem Shiba Token - Twitter

Kusama also revealed their struggle in fighting for decentralization but assured holders they would not give up until they created a new world. "It also shows the danger people like myself are in for fighting for decentralization in a world ruled by decepticons," they tweeted.

"Regardless, despite the anger, bs and extortion, I will not give up until we carve out a new world despite the BS we face," they assured the investors.

Billy Markus is considered a genius programmer who created Dogecoin in 2013. He left the team in 2015 after he was laid off. The programmer shared his reasons for leaving the development team on the Dogecoin subreddit to enlighten fans and DOGE holders.

"I'm no longer part of the Dogecoin project, I left around 2015 as the community started to strongly shift from one that I was comfortable with," he explained. He also clarified that he does not own any token.

"I don't currently own any Dogecoin except what has been tipped to me recently, I gave away and/or sold all the crypto I had back in 2015 after being laid off and scared about my dwindling savings at the time, for about enough in total to buy a used Honda Civic," Markus explained.

Shiba Inu was trading down 2.54% at $0.00002288 with a 24-hour market volume of $885,434,520 as of 9:32 a.m. ET on March 8, Coinmarketcap data showed. Dogecoin was trading down 1.73% at $0.1184 with a 24-hour market volume of $507,940,810 at the same time.