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A police K-9 unit stands by as train passengers pass through Penn Station in New York City, April 16, 2013. Getty Images/John Moore

In a bizarre incident, a shooting suspect in New Hampshire bit a police dog while trying to evade arrest.

The state police said they were investigating a shooting in Boscawen, New Hampshire, when one of the suspects wanted on outstanding warrants resisted arrest by unsuccessfully concealing himself in a pile of clothes and upon discovery, bit the state troopers' dog in the head in a desperate bid to avoid the arrest.

The dog, identified as k9 Veda, was unharmed (physically) and was cleared medically to return to duty, said a post on the New Hampshire Canine Trooper's Association's Facebook page.

Lt. Jason Killary of Boscawen Police Department told Reuters, “Both of them resisted arrest and one very strongly resisted arrest. He bit the dog, the dog bit him, he ended up getting Tasered.”

Deeming it as an unprecedented incident, Killary said he never came across a situation where a man tried to bite a police dog. Referring to the incident he added, when a man is pitted against a police dog, he will lose.

“If you get into a biting competition with a police dog, you’re not going to win,” he said.

According to New Hampshire Canine Trooper's Association, the incident occurred when trooper Daniel Livingston with his K-9 dog along with other troopers were called to assist Boscawen police in a shooting happened in the area. They were searching for two suspects with outstanding warrants.

While securing the scene, they became aware that someone was holed up in the trailer behind the property. The suspect ignored warnings to come out and surrender. When the trailer owner let the police inside by breaking the glass door, the suspect continued to ignore the calls to surrender.

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A member of the New York City Police department stands guard with a police dog during the annual Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City, Nov. 26, 2015. Getty Images/Kena Betancur

Upon the suspect's refusal to surrender, the troopers deployed K9 Veda, who tried to apprehend the suspect hiding under a pile of clothes. After a struggle which involved assault on police officers, the cops were able to apprehend the suspect who had the dog in a chokehold and had bitten his head.

The unidentified suspect was facing several charges including resisting arrest, interference with a police dog and assault on a police officer. Twitter had a field day with the zanier turn of events.