Another celebrity will be able to call themselves a “Dancing With the Stars” champion after the Season 28 finale, and there are good reasons to believe that person could be Ally Brooke.

The pop star and her partner, Sasha Farber, also known as #TeamTime2Shine, have been one of the best teams performance-wise throughout the most recent season of the ABC reality series, often turning in performances that have wowed the judges. When it comes to pulling off flawless routines, they are the team to beat—even if their fans haven’t turned out for them as they hoped. Still, there are reasons why they shouldn’t be counted out entirely when it comes to the Mirrorball Trophy.


They Have The Highest Average Scores

Overall, Ally and Sasha have been the ones to beat for a large portion of the season, being at or just shy of the top of the judges’ leaderboard since Week 3. They’ve earned the most 10s of all the teams, and have four perfect scores thus far. An ability to not only perform a memorable routine, but dance it well, is critical when vying for the Mirrorball, and no one else is coming close to them when that is taken into account.

Sasha Has Never Won And Is Long Overdue For A Mirrorball

Fans tend to vote for a team to win lately when their pro partner has yet to have won a Mirrorball. While three of the four pros in this final have yet to win one, Sasha is the one of the two who are the most overdue for their own win, having participated in six other seasons without luck. While Gleb has the same overall record an is equally overdue in terms of how long he’s been competing, Sasha also could use one since his wife, Emma already has one of her own.

The Biggest Competition Is Gone

DWTS Ally and Sasha
The biggest threat to Ally and Sasha’s scores has been eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars,.” giving them a slight edge in the finals. ABC/Eric McCandless

In terms of scores, the biggest threat facing Ally was James, who, along with Emma, was eliminated during the semi-finals. While Ally tried to give up her spot to save him (something she wasn’t able to do), James no longer being in the final is something that gives her an edge when it comes to the team that wins the competition. If the scores trend in the same way during the finale, she will be on top of the judges’ leaderboard once again and may have a big advantage when that half is factored into the final tally for a winner.


They Aren’t A Fan-Favorite Team

However, for as many advantages Ally and Sasha have when it comes to their scores, they have the biggest disadvantage when it comes to fan votes. Of all the teams, they are the only ones who have landed in the bottom three times, and while the judges saved them every time before, that isn’t something that will be an option during the final round. If everyone else gets more votes overall from the viewers, then they definitely won’t win the Mirrorball.

“Dancing With the Stars” Season 28 finale airs Monday, Nov, 25 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.