A herd of Siberian tigers chased and devoured live chicken flung at them from a tourist safari bus at the Siberian Tiger Forest Park in Harbin, China, on Tuesday.

It was a rare and amusing sight for tourists to see so many tigers up close, making a grab at their food, local media reported.

The Chinese tiger reserve in the Heilongjiang province houses more than 800 Siberian tigers. The park, which is also a breeding centre for this endangered species, uses live animals like chicken and steer to train tigers to hunt.

The Siberian tiger or the Amur tiger is one of the world’s most critically endangered species found mainly in Russia. The species faced the threat of extinction and was almost wiped out from the wild during the Russian Civil War in the early years of the twentieth century.

However, over the past few decades, conservation and breeding of the Siberian tigers has helped repopulate them in substantial numbers. At the Siberian Tiger Forest Park in Harbin alone about 100 Siberian tiger cubs were born in 2007.