"Silicon Valley"
A new show from Mike Judge coming to HBO will poke fun at the tech community in Silicon Valley. HBO

Over the weekend, HBO released the first teaser for “Silicon Valley,” a comedy series premiering April 6. Though the YouTube trailer is only 30 seconds long, it has already attracted a lot of attention around the blogosphere.

One of the reasons is that “Silicon Valley” is the latest work from Mike Judge, the multi-talented mastermind behind the shows “Beavis and Butt-head” and “King of the Hill.” He also conquered the office culture of the late 1990s with his film, “Office Space.”

Not everyone is thrilled with the teaser, and recent shows about Silicon Valley haven’t fared well, but there is enough to love in those 30 seconds for others -- especially those in the tech world -- to get excited about the possibilities.

1. It's From Mike Judge

Mike Judge
Mike Judge alone is reason enough to be interested in "Silicon Valley." Quickmeme

This point bears repeating. Not only does Judge have a proven track record of making innovative television shows that both satirize and shape popular culture, “Office Space” is also one of the best caricatures of cubicle cultures ever made. Applying that to a show mocking the culture of tech startups could be all kinds of awesome.

Judge is credited as writer, director and executive producer of “Silicon Valley,” which might be enough to help it break away from similar shows on Bravo and Amazon.

2. “Silly-con” Valley Is Ripe For Parody

Thanks to the way tech people can talk, a love for overpriced ramen and dreams of turning a private island into a tech utopia, the Santa Clara Valley south of San Francisco has also earned itself the name “Silly-con Valley.” One tech entrepreneur even favors splitting up California to let Silicon Valley be an independent state. Judge and his writers should have plenty of material to create hilarity.

3. TED Talks

Speaking of mocking Silicon Valley, perhaps no part of tech-culture is more self-serving than TED talks, the series of conferences that began in Silicon Valley and have since spread around the country. While TED conferences are often insightful, and the trailer indicates that Mike Judge won't spare them in "Silicon Valley."

4. Martin Starr

The preview showed that Martin Starr -- known for his roles as Bill Haverchuck in “Freaks and Geeks” and Roman DeBeers in “Party Down" -- will play a major character in “Silicon Valley.” Both characters were “nerdy” guys, so Starr should have no trouble fitting into the role of a Silicon Valley techie.

On the flip side, while both “Freaks and Geeks” and “Party Down” were critically acclaimed, both were ended early due to low ratings. It could be a bad omen for HBO.

5. Corporate Branding Comedy

In Silicon Valley, the name and logo chosen can make or break a startup tech company. With the success of Yahoo and Google, it seems it has become mandatory for Silicon Valley startups to adopt a wacky name. “Twitter” and “Tumblr” and “Spotify” are pretty strange words and even stranger names for a company when you think about it, but even those are nothing when compared to names like Thoof, Yoono and Zlio. The trailer shows that Judge plans on skewering the whole branding process.

6. This Scene

Isn’t getting revenge for getting beaten up the real motivation behind every tech nerd’s dream of starting a company?

Below is the full trailer for "Silicon Valley." It contains some language that may not be safe for work.

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