Mercedes has claimed they are ready for serious battle with Red Bull at the next Singapore GP, though they are also not counting out Ferrari. However, they believe they will get out ahead at the Manda Bay track.

The next Grand Prix is at Singapore for the marquee night this weekend, and Mercedes is in hot pursuit following the back to back Charles LeClerc victories at the power-friendly Spa and Belgium.

They should be well suited to the Manda Bay street circuit after it won at the low speed, but high down-force tracks this season.

Red Bull still present a viable threat as viable contenders at Singapore considering they finished at least one car in the top two races there since 2009. This is considering Max Verstappen finished at pole position in Budapest.

Lewis Hamilton, who at the moment is holding a 63 point lead in the championship, is heading into the last seven races with confidence.

Hamilton gave a statement saying he is not exactly looking forward to the next race, thinking it is going to swing the way of Mercedes. He lost out in wheel to wheel combat when he raced LeClerc during the Italian Grand Prix.

Mercedes Principal Toto Wolff is expecting Red Bull to be the main contenders at Singapore this weekend. Though, he has not ruled out a threat from Ferrari considering their recent performances.

He is excited to find out if his team is going to demolish Red Bull at a circuit where the Austrian outfit is expected to come out as strong. The team does not want to rule out LeClerc, even though the track is not likely to suit the low down-force model that Ferrari utilizes.

Wolff told media outlets they knew Spa and Monza would be hard for them. On paper, there were signs they would be strong in Singapore, the same way Red Bull would be, hence the claim they are going to be the main rivals.

Ferrari may have claimed epic wins at Belgium and Italy, and that made LeClerc an instant legend with Ferrari fans. Singapore though is a different scenario regardless of Mercedes thoughts concerning Ferrari.

LeClerc even insisted they need to stay realistic. He reiterated the next few races would be challenging for their car and so Ferrari fans would have to manage their expectations.

He claimed it would be a great surprise if they perform better than the overall expectations.

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