An intern at a Singapore company who was slapped by his supervisor has been terminated from his job, along with a co-worker who secretly filmed the abuse and posted a clip on YouTube that went viral, reports.

It's clear from the angle of the video that it was secretly filmed by another intern in the room. The supervisor from Singapore Institute of Management approaches the intern and slaps him swiftly across the face. The victim remains seated and continues to take the abuse as his boss slaps him multiple times across his face. Toward the end of the video, another man dressed in a blue shirt is seen trying to restrain the attacker from hurting the intern any further.
The SIM supervisor, who was identified as Alan, according to Yahoo, apologized to the victim's parents when they showed up to his office after seeing the video, saying he'd slapped the young man in a fit of anger. They rejected his apology. 
According to the 29-year-old's parents, he had been under a lot of stress and they assumed it was because of the internship. He was supposed to earn $500 to $600 a month at SIM but was terminated because of the circumstances surrounding his abusive supervisor. 
Also let go from the company was the co-worker who secretly recorded the incident. In a post on, the co-worker explained that he tried to alert the school's human resources department but that the issue wasn't taken seriously. 
"[The internship coordinator] was just doing her job, and was trying not to make any rash decisions," he wrote on the Hardware Zone forum thread. "I wanted to head down to SIM to show her the footage and give her a better understanding of what was happening in that office. But I was really disappointed when she brushed me aside, saying that she will talk to the manager first. I felt that my school didn't take me seriously."
The unnamed co-worker added that when he confronted the supervisor, the abuser told him he was just "nurturing" the intern: "He brought me into a meeting room and … said that my colleague apparently has an inferiority complex and apparently my supervisor is trying to 'nurture' him to get over it," he wrote. "However, my co-worker is very timid and seems like the kind of guy that will not stand up for himself."
The original clip has been taken down by YouTube for violating their policy on violence and disturbing content, but the footage can still be seen due to numerous duplicates. Check it out below: