Jason Molina
Singer Jason Molina passed away Saturday at age 39. Flickr

Singer and songwriter Jason Molina died Saturday from organ failure in Indianapolis.

The 39-year-old Molina, who began his career in the entertainment industry in the mid-'90s releasing the single “Soul” and lead the alternative bands Song: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co., had suffered for years from alcoholism, reported the Rolling Stone.

Record label Secretly Canadian expressed its grief on Monday in a statement.

“Jason was a world-class musician, songwriter and recording artist. He was also a beloved friend…We’re going to miss Jason. He was generous. He was a one of a kind. And he had a voice unlike any other,” said a rep from the label.

The singer’s family first revealed his struggle with alcoholism in 2011 on the band’s website with a request for donations to alleviate Molina’s growing medical bills after spending two years in rehab.

“It has been a very trying time for Jason, his friends and his family. Although no one can be sure what the future holds, we feel very encouraged by the recent steps Jason has taken on the road toward becoming healthy and productive once again,” said the label rep.

Fans of the late singer are already flocking to videos of his performances and leaving their condolences.

“Really hard, I feel heartbroken,” said commenter David Diez Hernandez.

“You can tell how much pain he is in through his music. Too bad someone couldn’t have helped him climb out of the darkness and find happiness in some part of his life to save himself,” said commenter Susan Holm.

The Molina Family is accepting donations on behalf of the Jason Molina Medical Fund on PayPal to help pay the remainder of the singer’s medical bills.

Molina spent his last years working on a farm in West Virginia raising goats and chickens. Molina stopped touring in 2009 due to health reasons but continued to write music until his death.