Singer Lauryn Hill
Singer Lauryn Hill at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in 2011. Reuters

Some celebrities are infamous for avoiding Uncle Sam, but singer Lauryn Hill is claiming that it was threats made to her and her family that caused the Grammy Award winner to miss her annual payments.

According to TMZ, the alleged threats made against the 37-year-old singer were not revealed in court documents, only stating that she stopped paying taxes "when she withdrew from society at large due to what she perceived as manipulation and very real threats to herself and her family.”

The document was filed in an effort to plead her April 22 sentencing following three misdemeanor counts of tax evasion from 2005 to 2007. The singer has already plead guilty and faces up to several years in prison.

The “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” reportedly earned more than $1.8 million during the time she evaded paying taxes.

Hill commented on the charges in 2012 on her blog stating she left the public eye to avoid a life of “distortion and compromise,” but did not mention any threats.

“For the past several years, I have remained what other would consider underground. I did this in order to build a community or people, like-minded in their desire for freedom and the right to pursue their goals and lives without being manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex with a completely different agenda,” said Hill.

The singer also cited her leave from the corporate music industry due to her claims of racial prejudice, ageism, blacklisting and suppressive forces, calling it “pop culture cannibalism.”

“These devices of control, no matter how well intentioned (or not), can have a devastating outcome on the lives of people, especially creative types who must grow and exist within a certain environment and according to a certain pace, in order to live and create optimally,” she said.

Hill claims she is innocent and didn’t abandon her financial responsibilities, stating she put her safety and health first and withdrew from society.

As for her fans, the songstress said she will never abandon them despite leaving her music career.

“I abandoned greed, corruption, and compromise, never you and never the artistic gifts and abilities that sustained me,” said Hill.