Haitian musician Mikaben died at the age of 41 after he collapsed on stage during a concert in Paris. According to Accor Arena's official Twitter handle, the singer suffered malaise on stage.

Mikaben, whose real name is Michael Benjamin, was a guest star for the evening when Carimi band played. The singer performed over the weekend for the concert-goers at the 20,000-seat Accor Arena, a sports arena and concert hall in Paris, France.

A Twitter user shared a video showing how the singer was walking off the stage following his performance when he collapsed right in front of the audience. Emergency services can be seen rushing toward the singer.

The official Twitter handle of Accor Arena shared a photo of the late singer and wrote, "Last night during the Carimi concert, one of the singers, Michael Benjamin, Mikaben of his artist name died following a malaise on stage and despite the intervention of the emergency services."

"The entire Accor Arena team is terribly affected and sends all its support to his family and loved ones in this painful ordeal," they added in the tweet's thread. "Our thoughts also go to Claude Cyndecki, his producer, as well as to his fans, shocked by this sudden disappearance."

Following the tragic news, Mikaben's wife, Vanessa Benjamin asked for some privacy via social media. Benjamin wrote in a post shared Sunday on Instagram and thanked everyone for their prayers but requested to "stop calling" her.

"I'm in no condition to talk. I lost my other half and I have no words," she wrote.

She also shared a separate post the following morning where she wrote, "Oh mon Dieu, Heavenly Father, I know you don't make mistakes and you won't give us what we can't bare but...this pain is very heavy. Help me please oh merciful Lord."


Earlier this month, the singer shared a photo on Instagram featuring him posing with his wife, who flaunted her baby bump. Benjamin is currently pregnant with Mikaben's third child.

Mikaben was born in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince.

The Haitian prime minister shared his condolences Sunday on Twitter, "I am devastated by the news of the sudden death of the young and very talented artist Michael Benjamin 'Mikaben'. It is a great reference of Haitian music which has just passed away."

He added, "The country and the Haitian youth have lost a beautiful soul. I extend my condolences to his family, friends and the music community as a whole."

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