After the new Apple iPhone 4S was released in early October, Siri - an artificial voice-enabled assistant - was seen as the key selling point of the latest iteration of the smartphone. However, that exclusivity of Siri is coming to an end. Steve Troughton-Smith, an Ireland-based hacker and his San Francisco-based friend, Grant Paul, claimed to have successfully hacked the voice-enabled digital assistant to run fully on the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4G.

During the launch of the iPhone 4S, Troughton-Smith reportedly ported the Siri user-interface (UI) and some of the underlying code from the iPhone 4S onto the iPhone 4. The port was functional except for the most important part: talking to Apple's servers, 9to5mac reported.

Now however, the pair has managed to get the Siri port to communicate with Apple's servers to provide full Siri voice command functionality. They did it by bypassing the authentication issues. They used Troughton-Smith's code for the Siri port that was developed last month and software authentication tokens from a jailbroken iPhone 4S to trick Apple's servers into thinking an iPhone 4 and an iPod touch 4G were actually an iPhone 4S, according to a Gizmag report.

Screenshots of the hack. Photo: @chpwn/twitpic

However, there is one feature that Troughton-Smith and Paul have not been able to implement so far. The feature called raise to speak, which sees Siri activated when the phone is raised to your ear, couldn't be implemented on the iPhone 4 as it relies on the gyroscope found in the new iPhone 4S.

Troughton-Smith revealed some of the interesting details about the Siri port in an interview with 9to5mac. He said that the hack requires files from an iPhone 4S, which means that one needs to pirate these files in order to make the hack work on non-iPhone 4S devices.

According to Troughton-Smith, although the port is currently 100 percent functional on the iPod touch it's not as good as it is on the iPhone, because the iPhone's speaker is way better than that of the iPod touch.

Troughton-Smith also said that he doesn't have any plan to make Siri available for non-supported devices through the release of a specific jailbreak tool on Cydia or other jailbreak stores. However, he does expect someone to distribute it quasi-illegally or try and sell it to people. He also plans to try to run Siri on an iPhone 3GS.

When asked how much time it took for him to port Siri, Troughton-Smith said it took no longer than 10 minutes to put all the pieces in place and perform the first test on his iPhone 4.

Below is a video provided by Troughton-Smith to 9to5mac that shows Siri working on an iPhone 4:

Here is another video that shows Siri running on an iPod touch 4G:

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