Sister Wives
The new trailer for “Sister Wives” unveiled a lot of drama in the Brown family. Pictured L-R: Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown at the opening of Mike Tyson’s ‘Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth-Live on Stage’ in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 14, 2012. Ethan Miller/Getty Images 

The drama amongst the members of the Brown family seems to be very much alive and well on the newest season of “Sister Wives.”

In a first look at the new season, which begins Jan. 20 on TLC, several issues are tackled within the family, including the big move to Arizona which took fans by surprise earlier this year, as well as more conflicts between the wives themselves. Here are 5 things we learned from the first look:

Meri Almost Didn’t Get her Bed And Breakfast

Meri is now the happy owner of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, a bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah, and has been vocal about wanting the home the business is housed in because it had previously belonged to her family. However, the new trailer shows how that almost didn’t happen for her. When she tells Kody and her Sister Wives that her business loan was approved, they are initially excited for her—until she confesses she doesn’t have the money for the down payment.

Her frustration is then multiplied when Kody informs her the family doesn’t have the money to help her, and she even seems so angry that she looks as though she’s ready to strike out on her own and leave them all behind because she doesn’t feel support from them.

“I’m being very careful about holding it all in right now, because part of me wants to just stand up and be like, ‘Okay, fine, I don’t need you guys,’” she says in the clip.

Meri And Christine Seem To Be At War

While it’s never been a secret that there have been issues between Meri and Janelle, and there have always been rumors about problems between Meri and Robyn, it appears that the new season will see Kody’s first wife most at odds with his third.

As Meri continues to deal with the drama over her bed and breakfast, her tensions with Christine are revealed when she confronts her Sister Wife for not wanting her around, and Christine admits that it’s hard to be cordial to another woman when she also has a relationship with your husband.

“I feel like there’s a lot that we need to figure out. I mean, you don’t feel comfortable with me around,” Meri says to Christine in the clip.

“The Sister Wife relationship is super tricky because you’re trying to be best friends with the woman who has a relationship with your husband,” Christine later explains.

The Decision To Move Was Kody’s

Not much was revealed when the Brown family announced this past summer that they were going to be moving to Flagstaff, Arizona and leaving their lives in Las Vegas behind, but the trailer shows that the decision to move was clearly Kody’s--and that it happened even when some of the wives, most notably, Janelle, had some objections.

“Vegas has been good to us, and yet, I have wanted to move back to Utah ever since we left,” Kody admits in the clip before he’s shown explaining what he wants to his wives.

However, when Janelle voices a concern that she doesn’t want to take their son Gabriel out of school when he’s so close to finishing, Kody remains firm, stating that he will lead the family where he wants and that his wives need to follow when that happens.

“Eventually, I’m going to lead to places they might not want to go, but I’m going to lead,” he says.

Christine’s Agreement To Move Caused Issues With The Rest Of The Family

Interestingly, Christine seems perfectly happy with the decision to move, stating that she loves Flagstaff, where they ultimately ended up, and Janelle admits to being surprised by the statement.

However, Christine also appears to surprise her own daughter, Aspyn, when they discuss the decision to move because she very emphatically states that she no longer wants to be in Nevada, something that causes her daughter to question why her parents seem so intent on leaving.

“I just feel like they’re running away from something, and I don’t know what they’re running away from,” she says in the clip.

The Kids Did Not Want To Leave Las Vegas

Janelle wasn’t the only one who expressed concerns about the move, however, as Gabriel admits that he doesn’t want to leave.

“I’m really just fuming inside,” he says in the clip. “For me, this move is awful.”

Mariah, Meri’s daughter, also expresses some concern, admitting that she doesn’t understand why Kody admitted to missing Utah so much when the state had made it clear their polygamous lifestyle would not be accepted there.

“I think it’s funny that dad misses Utah so much,” she says. “It’s like a state that kind of kicked him out.”

“Sister Wives” returns to TLC on Sunday, Jan. 20 at 8 p.m. EST.