“Sister Wives” Season 7 Spoilers
Caleb Brush and Maddie Brown, pictured with Kody Brown (right), dished details on their upcoming wedding in the Season 7 premiere of “Sister Wives.” TLC

The Season 7 premiere of “Sister Wives” heavily focused on the aftermath of Meri Brown’s chaotic, catfishing scandal. But not every scene from the two-hour premiere was drenched with drama. Episode 1 of the hit TLC reality series also celebrated a joyful milestone for the Brown family — Maddie’s engagement.

When Maddie returned home from her trip to Montana, she revealed to her family that she had an announcement to make. Without any words, her mother Janelle held up her left hand, showing off her eldest daughter’s dazzling engagement ring.

“She’s engaged now,” Maddie’s father Kody, who is the patriarch of the plural family, beamed during a confessional. (Maddie is Kody’s first child to be engaged.)

But according to Maddie, she’s eager to fly through her engagement period so that she can get hitched to her fiancé Caleb Brown. Hoping to get married quicker, the couple decided to plan their wedding in a short, nine month period. Maddie, who confirmed her engagement to People magazine in September, dished during the Season 7 premiere that she wants to walk down the aisle on June 4th.

“We want to whole family to be there,” Maddie said, before revealing where she wanted the wedding to take place. “I want to have it in northern Wyoming.”

But Janelle revealed that she’s nervous her daughter won’t be able to have the wedding of her dreams.

“I’m starting to get worried we won’t get what she wants for that weekend,” Kody’s second wife said, revealing that not only does her daughter want to say “I do” during the busiest month for weddings but that she also wants to have the ceremony in a National Park — a coveted location for spouses-to-be. “The wedding is coming up quick,” she added.

Although Maddie is enthusiastic about tying the knot, Kody’s daughter dished that she’s putting child bearing on the back burner. After Maddie announced her engagement to her family, Kody and Christine’s youngest daughter Truely shouted that Maddie would be having children shortly after her wedding day.

“In Truely’s world you get married and then you have the baby,” Janelle said during a confessional. “That’s the perfect world view for Truely.”

But that’s not exactly what Maddie has planned. According to Janelle’s daughter, she’s putting having children off for the next few years.

“We won’t have kids anytime soon,” she confirmed. “Probably like three of four years down the road.”

“Sister Wives” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.