She only publicly came out during an episode of her family’s show “Sister Wives” back in January, but Mariah Brown has now taken things one step further by debuting her relationship with girlfriend Audrey Kriss on social media.

According to Us Weekly, Mariah initially went public with her relationship by announcing it in a status on Facebook last month, not long after the episode aired where she shared the news with her parents, Kody and Meri, as well as the other sister wives, Christine, Janelle and Robyn Brown.

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Since then, Mariah has also admitted to struggling with the truth about her sexuality for years, even admitting in an interview after she came out that she was homophobic for a while. Mariah said she had a hard time coping with the truth, especially because of her family’s religious background.

“It was something I was so scared of in myself,” Mariah said at the time. “If you were to ask me my biggest fear, it would have been to be gay... People say they try to ‘pray away the gay,’ but I wouldn’t even let myself think the word. I just wouldn’t even go there.”

Now that she has gone public with Audrey, Mariah hasn’t shied away from sharing cute moments with her girlfriend on her social media accounts. Her first big mention about Audrey was noting that they were a couple and sharing that she was an artist, in a sweet Instagram photo of them together at an art show last month.

“When your girlfriend is an artist so you pretend to art for a day just for her,” she captioned the snap.

Audrey later responded to the post with a tweet, where she referred to Mariah as a “cute girl.”

Earlier this month, on International Women’s Day, Mariah included her girlfriend in a series of Twitter shout-outs to women she admired, and gave Audrey credit for showing her it was okay to be proud of who she was as a person.

Audrey also responded to that tweet, calling Mariah a “strong, intelligent and beautiful woman.”

It is unclear if Mariah has introduced Audrey to her family.