Zang Toi shared the detailed process of five months of planning ahead of his collection’s debut at New York Fashion Week. IBTimes

It takes just minutes for a Zang Toi fashion show to begin and to end: But every look, every fabric, every model and piece of hair has been examined, and checked not once but three times. Being a perfectionist has made Toi a master of detail, and contributed to his success as a designer.

But where does it all start?

The process of presenting his Spring 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week took more than five months. Inspired by classical ballet, Toi even took to watching ballet and his muse Cory Stearns perform as a source of inspiration.

Along the way, there was also sketching, fabric selection, hand beading, production and model casting, to name just a few of the steps. And each step was well thought out and perfected so the New York Fashion Week show could be all that it could be.

International Business Times reporter Nadine DeNinno explained to IBTimesTV the importance of every step and which one is the most significant. After spending an extended period of time with Toi, she also revealed what she thinks he couldn’t live without in the process, and what changes are made even moments before a show begins.