A skull being used as a Halloween decoration turned out to be part of the remains of Tennessean Junior Will McCann, who had been missing since 2012.

District Attorney General Russel Johnson for the ninth district in southwestern Tennessee said records confirmed the skull was the remains of 79-year-old McCann, who went missing in September 2012 from area Morgan County.

His skull was kept on a mantle of a property resident and adorned with sunglasses. Investigators received a tip about the presence of the skull and took it for DNA analysis.

In a statement, Johnson’s office said it made the positive identification through DNA testing, which was confirmed earlier this month. It’s alleged the skull was found on private property in March 2019 before finding its way on the mantle.

A 2012 report from the local sheriff’s office revealed Clarence McCann, the deceased’s younger brother, reported him missing. Investigators suspect the elder McCann may have been killed by a family member that’s also now deceased.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s office issued a request for help from anyone who may have information related to the elder McCann’s disappearance. No other remains were found on the property.

Skull kept on a mantle turns out to be remains from a Tennessee man missing since 2012. Representational Image of a skull. Photo: Channel 4