As if walking into walls and not being able to open the "tomato cage" wasn't bad enough, sleepwalkers now have to deal with cell-phone cameras, as one sleepwalking mom learned the hard way.

One woman's son uploaded a video he took of his mom as she sleepwalked through the kitchen late one night. Recognizing what was sure to be a hilarious moment for all his friends, the son -- Nick -- seemed to instinctually start rolling.

Nick caught his mother on film doing a short dance and what look like some kind of salute or curtsy in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Perhaps the funniest part is when she describes that she's looking for the "tomato cage," an object YouTube commenters couldn't wait to try to figure out.

The video -- posted on YouTube Thursday -- already had more than 186,000 views by the following night.

The follow-up video Nick posted with his mom was even more popular, though, as it documented her reaction the first time she saw the video. The mother hardly speaks throughout the video, spending more time gasping for breath and trying to comprehend what she was seeing. That video was viewed more than 350,000 times during the same 24 hours.

"Oh my God," the sleepwalking mom said. "I had a dream about cherry picking or tomato picking or something."

You can watch both videos below. Good luck finding the tomato cage.