• Many tech giants create feature-rich but expensive smartwatches
  • Smartwatches with long battery life come at a great cost
  • The AmazFit Bip S boasts of long 40-day battery life without hurting the wallet

Several tech companies are clamoring to create the perfect smartwatch that people will want to have.

Some companies, like Fossil, work on releasing fashionable smartwatches that will tell the time and keep track of a person's movements while looking good. Some, like Samsung, focus on overall functionality, looks, and affordability.

Some companies like Apple, on the other hand, focus on giving their smartwatches the ability to double as health devices. Indeed, the Apple Watch has been considered as more than just a tool to tell time.

Still, despite their looks and features, these smartwatches aren't capable of lasting very long. Apple's and Samsung's need to be charged on a daily basis. Fossil's watches, on the other hand, can last for as long as two weeks only.

The battery problem appears to have been solved by a startup, but at a cost. The company's smartwatch, called the PowerWatch, is a self-charging watch that uses sunlight to keep running. It's quite pricey, though – the cheapest second-gen model sells for $499.

All these considered, it's easy to understand that better functions and longer battery life will almost always come at high prices. A new smartwatch coming from a Chinese company named Huami, however, attempts to go against that thought.

According to Android Authority, Huami recently unveiled the new AmazFit Bip S smartwatch, the follow-up to the original AmazFit Bip watch. This new wearable boasts of better specs than its predecessor.

First, it offers a 5ATM water resistance rating, which means users won't have to worry about wearing it near water. Second, it offers up to 40 days of battery life on a single charge. Third, it weighs 31 grams. Fourth, it has a “transflective” display that allows users to see what's on the 1.28-inch screen even when the sun shines brightly. Fifth, its GPS is improved, and will not eat up all the battery when active.

The watch, with all of these features, along with a good-looking chassis and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, can be purchased for a jaw-dropping low $69.90. This makes the AmazFit Bip S $30 cheaper than its weaker predecessor.

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The Apple Watch offers great features, but is pricey. fancycrave1 - Pixabay