• Everyone who wants to become healthy in 2020 will need to work for it
  • Those who own an Apple Watch can use the device to help them get and stay fit
  • The Apple Watch will help users monitor their activities

2020 is in and so are the New Year's resolutions to get fit and become healthier. While most people find it difficult to get fit right after chomping down on irresistible and ginormous servings of Turkey, ham and other food items during Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners, everyone will find exercising more enticing if they are motivated and are having fun while shedding off some unhealthy pounds.

Thankfully, while exercise will require a lot of effort depending on a person's health conditions, it can be made more fun and rewarding with a bit of help from Apple's acclaimed health-focused wearable, the Apple Watch.

This nifty wrist-worn gadget can help users enjoy their exercises, runs or walks in a variety of ways. One is by letting them play music from their wrist, and another is by keeping track of their exercise. Here's how to use the Apple Watch to achieve those fitness goals, as per iMore:

Set Calorie Goals

Before doing anything, users will need to determine the amount of calories they need to burn every day. No one gets fit without having to burn some excess calories, especially those coming from all the delightful eats in December. Here's how:

  • First, launch the Activity app from the home screen, and press on the screen firmly.
  • Next, tap on the Change Move Goal button that appears on the screen.
  • Then, adjust Calorie Goals by tapping on the + or buttons.
  • Lastly, after setting Calorie Goals, tap on Update to set.

It's worth noting that the Exercise and Stand goals cannot be changed. All users can do is change the number of calories they want to burn, and work on it.

View Activity progress

After setting Calorie Goals, users will find it helpful to monitor the number of calories they actually burned and the number they still have to burn throughout the day. Here's how:

  • First, launch the Activity app from the home screen
  • Next, scroll down to see breakdowns of exercise and stand activity, as well as to view the number of calories burned.

Stay fit and healthy

Nothing beats seeing Calories Goals being met on a daily basis. Users can keep themselves motivated by constantly viewing weekly Activity summaries, looking at their Progress history, and checking what Move Awards they have received since they started working out with their Apple Watch.

Apple Watches The Apple Watch will just keep getting better. Photo: Apple