Dr. Dre and Eminem
Snoop Dogg says a tour with Eminem, Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar may be in the works. Pictured: Dr. Dre and Eminem at the 53rd Grammy Awards on Feb. 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images/Larry Busacca

It’s been more than 15 years since Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre and number of other artists embarked on their 2000 Up In Smoke Tour. The last we heard about a follow up tour was earlier this year when Snoop Dogg said he and Dr. Dre had discussed it.

Now, Snoop Dogg is once again saying the possibility of a tour is on the table. When asked by Rolling Stone what his relationship with Dr. Dre is like today, Snoop Dogg said the have a “couple of things” they’re “cooking up.” While a Snoop Dogg-Dr.Dre album would be welcomed, Snoop said a tour would make more sense.

“A Snoop-Dre album would be amazing, but a tour even more, because we have legendary music the world has yet to see us perform globally. I'm pretty sure he wants to do it. He just wants the team in place.” According to Snoop, that team would include one of hip-hop’s biggest stars today. “Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre – that's the dream team for him.”

Snoop’s latest comments echo what he said during a February interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “We’re trying to get it together. Dre said he want it to be myself, him, Kendrick, Eminem. It's a wish list that can possibly become a reality, if all parties agree.”

With that many stars on one tour, money could be an issue but Snoop said he wasn’t worried about that. “I love everybody involved and I ain’t trying to get all the money. I just want what I'm worth and I'm gonna' do what I do.”

Snoop Dogg recently finished his High Road Tour with Wiz Khalifa on Sept. 2. While Snoop and Kendrick Lamar have toured recently, Eminem hasn’t been on the road since his 2014 three-city, six date Monster tour with Rihanna. Although the tour only featured six dates, it became one of the highest-grossing North American tours of 2014, grossing $36 million.